The Top 4 Audi Models For Business People Looking To Impress Clients

Audi A4 3.2 Quattro

All business owners will know just how important first impressions can be. The way in which potential clients perceive you can make a huge difference in their decision on whether or not to spend money with your company. For that reason, you need to reek of professionalism. Unless you have enough money to spend on a new Mercedes-Benz or BMW, you’ll want to look towards something a little cheaper. Audi has been producing excellent corporate cars for many years, and there are a lot of different models to choose from. You just need to pick one that suits you.


Justin Capolongo

It’s always a good idea to consider how you will use the vehicle before making a purchase. You don’t need something with a massive engine if you’re only going to use it for short commutes. Likewise, those who spend most of their days on the motorway need something capable of taking the pace. Professional cars are the best way to highlight success, and so you should get one as soon as possible.

Audi A4

The Audi A4 has been in production since late 1994. Since that time, thousands of models have been sold all over the world. The basic design has undergone many changes since it first hit the markets. Still, most of the standard features are still the same today as they were when production started. This model acts as a cheaper alternative to the BMW M3, and prices start almost £15,000 less.

Audi A3

If you don’t need anything too big, but you still want to impress those clients, it might be sensible to look at the Audi A3. While this model is very popular with young professional families, it still makes for a fantastic business car. With an excellent safety record, you can be sure that all passengers should avoid injury in the event of a small bump. You get driver, passenger and rear airbags as standard, and there are a lot of gadgets to help improve performance. The A3 hit the markets in 1996, and it’s still selling like hot cakes. Sites like list the A3 as the best-selling model in the Audi fleet.

Audi A7

Presuming the A3 is a little too small for you, and the A4 simply doesn’t cut the mustard, you should take a moment to consider the A7. This model was created to compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLS, and it beats that car hands down. Again, the A7 is much cheaper than similar alternatives, but it performs just as well. Just be aware that standard prices start at £40,990, which means you’ll have to spend a little more to get this vehicle.

Audi Q7

Does the idea of owning a luxurious 4×4 car appeal to you? Then you can’t go wrong with the Audi Q7. Not only is it the most reasonably priced model in its class, but it’s also a dream to drive. Designers created this vehicle with comfort in mind, and you would have to spend somewhere in the region of £60,000 to find anything better on the market today. Standard prices for the Q7 start at £43,495, which means it is a considerable purchase. However, it should keep you happy for at least ten years.

We hope reading about the best models for business people has stopped you from having to perform so much research. We guarantee you will not be dissatisfied with any of the cars we’ve just mentioned.