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The year 2013 is already overrated. Since it is so close, we can barely consider it relevant, so the only solution would be to raise our heads and look up for the 2014 goodies.

An example in this case is the new generation of Lexus IS which will appear in 2 years.

Our knowledge on this subject is not as advanced as we would want it to be, but the only things that we know (thanks to the Australian website “Drive”), are that the car’s design will change drastically, adding a new grille also seen in the LF-LC Concept.

Next to that, Lexus is expected to improve its driving performance with the help of a four-cylinder and six-cylinder engine, a hybrid alternative or a high performance version IS F.

And last but not least, rumor has it that this Lexus might go on a platform of “Toyota and Subaru partnership”, in versions like coupe, cabrio or wagon written on their forehead.

Can’t wait to hear more!