Ten Brilliant Features All Cars Should Have

With each new year, it seems more and more incredible features come in new cars. Advances in technology and innovation by car manufacturers make cars more valuable each year. There are features which offer in-car entertainment. Some features make your car safer to drive. Certain features can even make your car cheaper to operate. All of this contributes to making a car worth owning.

It isn’t just modern features, either. There are features which have been around for years that you should always look for in a car. Whether you’re buying your first car or upgrading to a new one, these are the things you’ll want. There’s also some features you can add to any car. Here’s what you should look for.

High-Quality Seating


For some people, a vehicle’s interior aesthetics aren’t a major concern. However, one feature you’ll probably want in your car is comfortable seating.

Top-class car seats should be fully adjustable and offer good back support. This prevents back pains and allows you to drive how you’re comfortable. While it isn’t essential, it’s best to look for leather seats. Leather seats are good-looking, comfortable, and easy to clean. Some cars also offer heated seats, which you’ll learn to appreciate on cold winter days!

An Excellent Warranty

A vehicle is a huge purchase, so you’ll want to cover yourself financially for any potential mishaps. Car insurance makes up part of this, but for many things that aren’t your fault, a warranty can cover the costs.

Cars often come with manufacturer warranties for the first few years. Warranties can include servicing your car and replacing any faulty parts. Many dealerships also offer warranties on used cars, such as Car Deal Warehouse. This means you don’t have to empty your wallet to get a well-protected car.

Fuel Efficiency

Cars with excellent fuel efficiency help both your finances and the environment. Fuel efficiency refers to how much energy you get from your fuel tank. Fuel efficiency is usually measured in miles per gallon (mpg). A car with higher miles per gallon will leave fewer carbon emissions and give you more bang for your buck.

Most cars come with a range of options for engines. You can choose to get more horsepower, or trade it off for better fuel efficiency. Diesel engines usually offer more miles per gallon.

Phone Connectivity

Another major technological feature of new cars is phone connectivity. At the very least, your phone should have a USB port for car charging. A lot of cars are beginning to offer Bluetooth connectivity. This can let you play music through the car’s speakers and use navigation systems on your phone. There are also various driving apps that come in handy, especially when combined with car connectivity.

Infotainment Screen


For many older cars, the interior controls are a mess of knobs and switches that mostly leave drivers confused. Fortunately, many modern cars are starting to offer infotainment systems in their place.

These provide useful statistics. They can also be used for navigation controls and things like rear-view cameras. Touchpad controls make usage easy for anyone. Each manufacturer offers different systems, but you should ensure you have one.

Storage Space

Not everyone needs a ton of storage, but it can always be helpful. A large boot is ideal for packing luggage on trips and transporting large objects. You could even make a bed for your pets in the boot for long drives.

Some cars even offer extra storage features. Fold-down seats can make your boot even larger, so even if you’re moving out, you can transport a lot of belongings in your car. You might also find things like cup holders and under-floor storage handy.

Voice Controls

When Knight Rider came out in the 80s, people could only dream of a voice-controlled car. That dream is now a reality. Some modern cars offer voice-activated commands. Instead of reaching over to put your destination in your GPS navigation system, you can say it out loud. If your car connects to your phone, you can also use voice-assisted apps or take hands-free calls.

Safety-Assistance Features

One of the greatest technological advancements for cars is their assistive features. In-built technology now offers automatic assistance for parking, braking, and avoiding collisions. Cars are also moving closer towards driving themselves with smart cruise control technology.

More and more of these features seem to arrive with every new year. Cars are now safer than ever. Getting a car with the latest in secure technology gives you peace of mind on the road. It can take a lot of stress out of driving and reduce the risk of car accidents.

Smart Keys


The days of searching for your car in the parking lot and fumbling around with your cluster of keys are over. Most cars today come with smart keys. These are electronic keys which have many helpful features for getting into your vehicle.

Smart keys can open or lock your car doors from a distance. This makes getting in and out of your car simple. Many also offer a button to emit noise from your car. This helps you find your vehicle in a  crowded car park. Other features include opening the boot and starting the engine at the press of a button.

In-Car Internet

Instead of driving to the nearest WiFi hotspot, you can now access the web right from your car. Some cars now come with the option to install a SIM card for 4G LTE WiFi. This makes your vehicle into a portable WiFi hotspot.

Even if your car doesn’t have inbuilt internet options, you can add it yourself. EE now offers a device to integrate WiFi into your vehicle. EE has a broad reach when it comes to 4G coverage, so you’ll be able to get a signal even when out on the road. Their most advanced plan gives you connection speeds fast enough to download a movie in 6 minutes!

WiFi in your car allows you to use the web features on your phone or car entertainment system. It’s especially helpful for things like navigation apps and music streaming. Your passengers will also be grateful, as they can enjoy web entertainment from the back of the car with high-speed 4G.

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