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Classic motors from around the world

2011 Ford Mustang GT from GeigerCars

As we know, technology is rapidly evolving and especially within the Automotive sector. We’ve recently seen driverless innovations being introduced, along with luxury heated systems, surround sound and self-parking vehicles. However, many find that vintage cars cannot be beaten. Older vehicles were designed differently – their lines and curves are unlike the cars you see […]

The Volkswagen Frog Gets Tuned By ABT Sportsline!

Cars are for driving, not for showing off. So, who of you prays for a low fuel consumption hands up and check out this beautiful Volkswagen Beetle tuned by ABT Sportsline. As I said, the first worked up element was the performance domain which made the  2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to work with 168hp (170PS) and […]

Ways to Accessorize Your VW Bug

The interior space of a Volkswagen Beetle is renowned for its unexpected roominess and unique shape. VW Bug owners often like to emphasize the quirkiness of their vehicles, as they can better display their eccentricity without looking unusual on a Bug than on almost any other car. If you’re looking to design a Beetle that’s […]