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Stratos Pininfarina on track video

This is the first video with Stratos Pininfarina on track. Stratos 20124TuningTV Source: 4TuningTV This has an 510 hp Ferrari engine and I think it will be a great challenger for all supercars.

8 Car Crash Impressive Videos

I think that if you see a car accident you will have a bad day and I don’t think you could feel that well driving. I know that such videos impress everybody and you should know that driving slowly is better. This top is from the topcarcrash.com and you should watch all car crash videos. […]

Top 10 Funny Car Videos

So the video is initially taking videos of two young skateboarders doing their routine when suddenly, the car shifts to the other side of the road where a man on a convertible was blowing its horn to what seems to be a sleeping old woman. The woman woke up and while crossing very slowly, the […]

Video – New Chevrolet Spark

Here you can watch the latest advertising video with the new Spark. This small car designed for the city traffic comes with innovative design, 5 doors and smart features. Watching the video I can see that this car offers as much fun as it can.

SuperCar Lamborghini vs. Smart Car

This is a cool video with a strange contest between the supercar Lamborghini and a Smart car. And the winner is… Smart Car Vs Lamborghini The winner is the one you’ve expected?

Video – New Volvo S60

In the following video you will discover the Subject60 and what it is really to be at the wheel of the new Volvo S60. With this beautiful car you can experience the “naughty” side of life.

LEGO Technic Bugatti Veyron with 7+R Sequential Gearbox

I know Bugatti Veyron is one beautiful car, but what do you think about a LEGO Bugatti Veyron? I am talking about one of the most interesting (and probably expensive) LEGO that has remote controlled braking system, motorized rear spoiler and power roof.

Renault DeZir Concept Video and Review

Renault DeZir is the latest concept from the French auto-manufacturer which will be officially presented at the 2010 Auto Show in Paris. A French car in Paris is the best choice, don’t you think? DeZir Concept has lithium batteries and a 110 kw electric engine at 226 Nm of torque; these batteries can be fully […]

New Sensation Opel Meriva in 3D

3D is the latest technology that seems to take control over our minds. We have 3D movies, 3D newspapers, 3D TV and now 3D advertising video that come from Opel. The next video I’m about to show it to you isn’t that good to be seen without some special glasses (for 3D watches), but if […]

Adjusting the doors on Renault

I’ve found this video on Youtube and I think this is the “strangest” way of adjusting doors of one car. This seems to be a Dacia from Renault and the video was made in Russia. Enjoy it:

Video with Noble M600 from Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear made a short video with Noble M600, the new “sensation” from the British Auto Maker. Noble M600 has a V8 Volvo 4.4 liter engine that can output 650 hp at 819 Nm of torque and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds. The car can reach a top speed […]

What’s your Soul app?

It seems that is a great campaign for Kia Soul App. “Fantastic apps just in time for the world’s biggest football tournament!”