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Video – McLaren XP8 and XP10

McLaren presented the first details and first video with McLaren XP10 and XP8 which shows the company’s future models during the tests. McLaren XP10 and XP8 are two prototypes of future models that are currently tested by Applus IDIADA on public roads near Tarragona. Video – McLaren XP8 and XP10 The two prototypes, XP10 and […]

911 Turbo – 2010 official Advertising

Porsche has made public an extended promo for the 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe video that appears so. How 2009 went a little time only, is natural to ask what the team already reserved for Porsche this year. It will steal your pleasure to enjoy discovering one new technology improved, ready to “attack”, so enjoy! […]

Video – BMW X5 & X6 M in action, on snow

In perfect conditions for winter (lots of snow and other stuff), the new BMW X5 and X6 M are found to be simply a joy. Especially when you do put on drifts … And if you do not know how, you can learn from the video below! Source: 4tuning.tv

Video – Mercedes SLS AMG Desert Gold

The new AMG Mercedes SLS Desert Gold was caught trying to camouflage among golden sand dunes of the desert in Saudi Arabia. Source: 4Tuning.tv

Video – Burnout with Corvette Z06

Smoke, smoke, smoke as much as it can be! This is the result of a burnout “big day” with a Chevy Corvette Z06. Just … would be a small problem – smoke is not from the tires! 🙂 Burnout with Corvette Z06 Source: 4Tuning.tv

Noble M600 at Top Gear

ABS not. ESP not. Only a V8 twin-turbo 650 hp and 1,275 kilograms. The new Noble M600 arrived at Top Gear! Noble M600 at Top Gear Source: 4Tuning.tv

Video – Wild sensation with Porsche GT3 Cup

Two people in love walk in the park, next to each other, without worrying about other things on the head…. That’s the story. Wild sensation with Porsche GT3 Cup To reality do the translation into “skin” of a Porsche GT3 Cup Car and a Norwegian pilot, both making a crazy headache and effectively track the […]

Video – Audi RS6 by Essing DieselTuning

Great video with Audi RS6 by Essing DieselTuning! 950 hp in action! Enjoy! Audi RS6 by Essing DieselTuning

Luca di Montezemolo stuck a Ferrari in sand

President of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, gave spectators a fun time at Ferrari World Finals, an event held at Valencia last weekend. Being at the wheel of a Ferrari California, with other pilots as Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, di Montezemolo was able to “stick” the car in the sand, which was removed only with […]

Video – 100 Ferrari in the United Arab Emirates

Nearly 100 Ferrari was in the same place. Pretty incredible, don’t you think? That’s why I want to show you this in a great video. And if you don’t realize where this could happen, I must tell you that this “parade” was held where else than in the United Arab Emirates! Video – 100 Ferrari […]

How fast you can destroy a Viper?

How easy is to destroy a four-wheel beast!?! It is very easy and very fast! A Dodge Viper owner from the United States “dropped” the foot on the pedal a little more than he had to do. The result? You can see it in the below video, starting with 1.15 minute. How fast you can […]