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UK used car market buoyant but mechanical reliability is top buyer concern


48% of prospective UK car buyers are now looking to buy used, with another 20% undecided, according to a new study by automotive video specialist, CitNOW. Mechanical reliability was found to be the top used buyer concern, ahead of bodywork problems, accident damage and electrical faults. Interestingly, just 19% of consumers were concerned about the travelling […]

Signs That Used Car is a Good One

Image source We all know the signs that a used car is a dud – rust, obvious damage, a suspiciously low price tag – things like that, but a lot of us aren’t nearly as sure of the signs that a used car is a good option.If you’re one of those people, check out these […]

5 Tips For Selling a Used Car

Your car gave you a few good years of service. Now you must part with and sell it, you just need to know how to start. Let us help you. Consult our list before you start the car selling process. Clean and Fix Create a checklist of all areas to clean. Conduct a general cleaning of […]

Three places to go to when buying a second hand car

Many people now prefer to purchase a second hand car rather than buying new. According to the latest research, the average new car can lose up to 19% of its value in its first year of ownership. However, with each successive year, the rate of depreciation decreases significantly, meaning that it makes better financial sense […]

Should You Buy from Family? The Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car from Someone You Know

Are you thinking about buying a new car? According to Kelley Blue Book, the average price of a new car is $34,000. Unless you want to get saddled with adding a car payment to your already growing stack of bills, you might want to buy used. The Dealership or a Private Owner When you decide […]

Inspecting a Used Car: What you need to Know


If you are in the market for a used car, the good news is that there are typically a ton of choices out there. You can opt for the bare survivor for a pittance that usually require a fair bit of maintenance, and the lightly used one or two year old models from those that […]

The Seven Steps You Have To Tackle Before You Can Buy A Used Car


Used cars are on the up. Over forty-one million units were sold in the United States alone in 2014, which shows you how popular they are becoming. Still, that doesn’t make buying one easy. In fact, it might just be the hardest purchase you ever have to make. Regardless of the tips and tricks that […]

Fees You Shouldn’t Pay When Buying a Car

Purchasing a new car will surely bring thrills of joy into one’s life. Especially if it is the first car they buy. People who buy a vehicle for the first time don’t have a lot of experience, are not aware of what to look for and have no idea what they should avoid when it […]

Top Tips to Help You Choose the Right Used Car


Image source Let’s face it, driving isn’t cheap. By the time you’ve bought a vehicle, paid for insurance and road tax and filled up at the pumps, you may be left feeling well and truly out of pocket. However, there are ways to cut costs. For example, rather than paying for the privilege of getting […]

Top 8 Mistakes You Should Avoid Before You Buy a Car


Buying a car may not be a big deal, except that it needs a bit of cautiousness and understanding. Especially, if you are a first time purchaser, then there are a few obvious mistakes that you are bound to stumble upon. Hence, having a profound knowledge about car buying will save you from committing the […]

Hitting the road: Some top tips for buying a first car

Car Dealerships

Whether you are treating yourself to your first set of wheels or looking to surprise a family member, buying a first car can be an exciting time. Hitting the road on your own for the first time is a big step and the decision regarding which car to buy can have a huge impact on […]

Things to Check Out Before Buying a Used Car


Whenever you decide to purchase a new vehicle, you’ll most likely have some questions and some decisions to make. For starters, do you want to purchase a brand new vehicle or a used car? Many people settle on the latter and for a number of reasons. If you simply need a to and from work […]