VW launched Golf Plus LPG

From the Germans we can not expect any pleasant surprises. Now we have part one: Volkswagen has launched a version of its model segment C has the installation of gas liquefied oil. Golf Plus BiFuel model works with both petrol and liquefied gas oil. The car is equipped with an […]

Mercedes R-Class by Wald International

To modify the R-Class from Mercedes could be a real adventure; Wald International is one of the few tuners that are daring to walk. On the outside, the SUV Tourer (as his “swing” Mercedes model) German exit from obscurity thanks to the new body kit consisting in a front grille […]

Mercedes C-Class Estate by Wald International

Japanese tuner Wald International has prepared a package of changes for aesthetic Mercedes C-Class Estate. The result? A break extremely aggressive. In the front we find a new spoiler, while the rear spoiler in addition to the new speaker included, we have a ceiling for aileron. In addition, the aggressive […]

Audi S8 by Mariani

Audi S8 A is discreet, but still out. This seems to be the best description of the copy of the images below. And although the changes are limited, they make presence felt. In the front, the S8 has a black grille, which contrasts perfectly with white body. Most notable are […]

Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS

At Top Marques Monaco 2009 event that was held in April, we had the opportunity to see the only supercar “topless” with four doors in the world. This is called Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS and based on the Corvette C6. Under the hood is an LS7 supercharged V8 engine developing […]

Bentley Continental GT Birkin Edition by MTM

When you want an elegant and powerful coupe at the same time, choose Bentley Continental GT. When you want a quality tuning for your Continental, MTM choose. Thus it was the outcome of this case, Bentley Continental GT Birkin Edition by MTM. First add 90 horsepower, twin-engine turbo W12 now […]

Lamborghini Murcielago by Prindiville

Power and emotional issue. And if you want exclusivity, you have those from Prindiville Prestige. The UK revealed a new Lamborghini Murciélago as its characteristic style. Like the previous version presented in March, and the new Murciélago by Prindiville enjoying a body kit in carbon fiber. In addition, Italian supercar […]