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Used Luxury Cars: Getting Used to Luxury


It is time to get rid of the stigma that only those who pull in high incomes can ride around in luxury. If you’re an admirer of luxury cars but not exactly making top dollar, you can still cruise the streets in opulence. While you may not be able to pull a brand new model […]

Top 5 Best Cars for Tuning


Seeing BMWs, Porsches and Ferraris tuned is a mere joy. But the world is not defined only by expensive tuning projects. Home tuners need affordable and easy to transform cars that can remain practical while looking as they come from the cover of tuning magazines. These cars also have to be easy to drive and […]

The 3 Best Cars For Tuning

Nissan 370Z

Nowadays, the car has to be more versatile than ever before. A car to take the kids to football training in, a car to take us to work and a car for travelling, we need a car to be a 4×4, a sports car and a saloon all in one. But what if we want […]

Tuning Porsche Cayenne by Mansory

Who doesn’t love carbon fiber? Is the latest technology for tuning cars and it is perfect for the new Porsche Cayenne; at least, Mansory tuning agrees that. Mansory have created amazing tuning package for Porsche Cayenne, with two huge turbines for the 8 cylinders engine, new evacuation system and optimized ECU. The powerful engine of […]

Another Perfect Job: BMW M3 by IND Tuning

Tuning cars is a lot of creative and technical work and IND knows too well how to make a good one so when asked to update the BMW M3, the company never fell short of brilliant with the execution. BMW M3 by IND Tuning This particular upgrade has a ton of upgrades just on the […]

2012 Dodge Viper news

It seems that Dodge presented their new concept version for the 2012 Viper. This presentation was made in Orlando at the Dodge’s dealer convention. The car will probably have an 8.4 liter V10 engine with a power of 600 hp and 760 Nm of torque and will be a great supercar.

Top 10 Pink Tuning Cars

Pink is a color truly devoted to women. It’s quite fashionable and trendy to move around in your pink car representing elegance and beauty. Pink tuning cars are gradually becoming a trend among women these days. For all the ladies who are thinking of getting their cars in this lovely color of pink, a top […]

7 Cool Pictures of Car Tuning

I’ve found few interesting pictures with beautiful car tuning and I have to share all with you. 1. Spectre Werkes 2. Porsche 2007 Carerra from forward moving to futuristic, this image shows impeccable detailing as well as fiery design aesthetics. It is certainly a car that could really appeal to those who like hard core […]

Hummer H2 by CFC

CarFilmComponents (CFC) is a great tuner that has prepared a new program for the model Hummer H2, program full with chrome elements. Hummer H2 by CFC CFC Chromed Hummer H2 offers rolling body, adding a carbon fiber hoods, side windows and rear wheels ThermoTec and huge 28 inch alloy rims wrapped in TunerShop tires 325 […]

Ferrari 458 Italy by Hamann

Ferrari 458 Italy by Hamann is probably the first tuning project-based from Ferrari. Hamann Ferrari 458 Italy Hamann Ferrari 458 Italy is in the early stages of customization, tuner mentioning in the list of changes few emblems bumper sticker on the windshield with a new set of wheels.

Car or Motorcycle

This is a interesting concept of car or maybe motorcycle, but more than useful for city traffic. One day this will be a concept future cars? Car or Motorcycle Car or Motorcycle