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Audi TT converted in Sony store

A Sony dealer in Portugal and made in store presentation of the Audi TT in the image. The machine is a working demo car audio product at Sony, which have been made over the rims of 20 inches. In the rear, under a plastic window, are six amplifiers underlying power of sound. An original idea, […]


Are you ready for summer? You ordered an Audi TT-S at the expense of BMW Z4? Then you should know that those in MCCHIP are ready to change your car. If you want more than 272 horsepower, as much as 2.0 TFSI engine develops, German tuner can change the ECU for the amount of 849 […]

Camp much? Audi R8 Tron by West Coast Customs

If you are a fan of the film Tron you will understand why this one is called the Audio R8 Tron by West Coast Customs. It is quite tricky how you will react to it. Some love its glowing wheels and some hate it that it makes them sick but we are here to offer […]

Audi TT RS by MTM is ready!

Yes,it is true! Audi TT-RS by MTM is ready! Finally! What have prepared the Germans? Was it worth waiting? We have the strongest TT-RS? It remains to be seen… We have to start with the beginning! 2.5-Turbo’s was the victim, the Germans favorite, stand proof that MTM has prepared no less than three power levels. […]

Audi TT Green Titan

Is this sure that we deal with an Audi TT? I was not sure until I saw all the pictures with it… Well, the car. And yes, we are dealing with a modified Audi TT. So we do not know if you like it or not. The fact is that the car looks spectacular and […]