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BMW 5 Series by TopCar, Cardi & Lumma Design

How many tuners does it take to change the new BMW 5 Series? Well… three: TopCar, Card and Lumma Design! New Five not even been presented at any auto show, but this has not prevented tuners of making the change. Even if virtual … Guilt? Three in number, two Russians – TopCar & Cardi – […]

Bentley Continental GT Bullet by TopCar

After finishing the new Panamera, Russian from TopCar prepared the Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed. In fact, a tuning program which they named “Bullet“. But let’s see what we have. First, start with a black matte, which will get rid of about 7,000 euros. A black matte that you can combine with a new […]

Porsche Panamera by TopCar

The new Porsche Panamera start a real war in the world of tuning. After the Germans from Gemballa, 9ff and respectively English from Oakley Design, among Russians from TopCar came to show us their vision about the model in Stuttgart. And when we say we provide, we refer only to some photos that, most likely, […]