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Girls+Cars+Bikes=Perfect MotorShow

And now something soft, like a true Tuesday evening should be. You remember the post about Honda S2000’s amazing wheelie, right? Well, at the same show ( TX2K12 event in Texas) we were able to admire God’s beauties,  in a fabulous environment. Check out these hot girls together with the latest cars and bikes and […]

Honda S2000-Great Wheelie at TX2K12

I recommend you take a look at the Honda S2000  post and prepare to be surprised by its power once more. At the  TX2K12 drag racing event in Texas, we were able to see just how much power can a Honda fit into its tiny body. They say that if a car can host 2JZGTE […]

Lexus LFA and the Troublesome Accident!

Apparently we have a big premiere  in the Lexus family. Not a positive one, but still, enough to give us some juice gossip. Lexus LFA  has been involved into a car crash at the beginning of October last year, in Orlando, Florida. Some say that this $400,000 Lexus LFA was taken for a spin by […]