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Conquisto Lamborghini SUV Concept

Many powerful brands presented interesting SUV concepts at the Geneva Auto Show, like the Aston Martin Lagonda SUV concept, which is an outstanding crossover but with unattractive shape. That’s why, all car lovers feel that there should be more work at this chapter. Conquisto Lamborghini SUV Concept Lamborghini is a brand known for its powerful […]

Porsche Cayenne Diesel by SpeedART

Positive or negative, depends which side you look, the current created around the new Porsche Cayenne Diesel continues with a new tuner that was modifying the German SUV. SpeedART Company, for about it is, has prepared a number of improvements both technical and aesthetic for the model in Stuttgart. In the first category, the first […]

G-Power Typhoon RS- power for BMW SUV

How any serious tuner can not accept that a production model is more powerful than the version thundering Germans from G-Power had a little problem to solve: should prepare a new BMX X5 stronger than X5. This gave rise to G-Power Hurricane RS, an evolution of previous G-Power Hurricane, you receive “only” 525 horsepower (30 […]

Vantage TOPCAR GTR – Tuning for Porsche Cayenne

There are plenty of tuners ready to modify your car and TOPCAR Cayenne is one of those companies. Russia’s newest creation is called Vantage is a combination of GTR and kits Advantage GT and Vantage. On the exterior, the German SUV has received a new body kit made of Kevlar and carbon fiber components. Thus, […]

Explosive Audi Q7 Xplod

When it comes to creating a top audio system for a car, there are no limits. This I know and experts from Bulgaria SONY Team have made a great impression at this year’s edition of Sofia Auto Exhibition. Audi Q7 model Xplod arrived just a few days before the exhibition starts. The authors of this […]

G-Power Typhoon or 525 hp BMW X5

Once you have achieved the fastest BMW in the world and even the fastest sedan in the world, German tuner G-Power returns today with a new creation of the category “most …”. The most powerful BMW SUV, this time. And tends to believe the word of the G-Power, for their creation – called Typhoon – […]

Audi Q7 by PPI

Audi Q7 by PPI Audi extended its product range with a luxurious and sporty SUV model, and this is the Q7. It was only a short while after its market launch that PPI Automotive Design presented an enhanced version of the 7-seater entry-level model, namely the PPI PS Q7. Audi Q7 by PPI PPI is […]