Six Driving Laws You’re Probably Breaking Everyday


There are thousands of laws regulating how drivers are supposed to act on the road. While they were all put in place for a good reason, there are a few of them that nearly every driver is guilty of breaking on a daily basis. Most people may not even give these […]

Need for Speed: Reasons Some Drivers Can’t Resist the Urge to Drive Over the Speed Limit

Formula 1

Why are there so many people who drive like they’re making time on the Indy 500? America has an obsession with speed, especially on the public roads. Here’s what’s fueling that, and how to temper it to stay safe out there. Why People Drive Fast There is some research that […]

How To Be a Good Driver From the Very Beginning


Most people think they’re a good driver. Whether they actually are might be a different matter. But there are few people who wouldn’t object to someone calling them a bad driver. However, all drivers should know that there’s always room for improvement. From the very first time you get behind […]

Italians will increase speed limit on highways to 150 km/h

Italy could increase the speed limit on highways from 130 to 150 km/h, according to a law that is debated on peninsula’s Senate. If this project is approved, the highway administrators will be required to introduce this new limit. Simultaneously with this, they will be also introducing new safety measures […]