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Are Smart Cars Safe?

Special Edition Cityflame Smart Fortwo

Smart cars were developed from the cooperation of Mercedes Benz and Swatch. Swatch Mercedes ART (smart) cars are economically friendly cars that are quite small in stature. The two companies invented them in a quest to find a small and compact car that is fuel efficient, easy to park in small spaces, and environmentally friendly. […]

Smart Car with Crocheted Cover

We all want to be “more” than everyone and to offer much, but crazy ideas come slowly. Source: Flickr The model is one of the most interesting Smart Car all Covered in Crocheted colorful design.

SuperCar Lamborghini vs. Smart Car

This is a cool video with a strange contest between the supercar Lamborghini and a Smart car. And the winner is… Smart Car Vs Lamborghini The winner is the one you’ve expected?