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Infographic: The Rise Of Small Cars

Small cars are very popular across the UK, with the Ford Fiesta revealed as the country’s bestselling car of 2014 and seven out of the top ten bestselling cars of the year, so far either small cars or Super Mini Vehicles. The Motorparks visual provides easy-to-read profiles of the most popular small cars on the road today, […]

Best Small Car 4×4 Versions

More and more small car manufacturers are producing special 4×4 versions of their cars; these are capable of handling off road terrain while still retaining their compact frames. Notable examples include the MINI Countryman, the Skoda Yeti, the Kia Sportage, the Fiat Panda 4×4, and the Audi Q3, which combine excellent multi road handling with […]

The Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta Compared

Fiesta vs Focus

Now that gasoline costs almost $4 a gallon, the small auto market segment is the hottest in the United States. The Ford Fiesta and Focus are both small cars, and anyone visiting a Ford dealership will wonder which is better. Ford executives attributed the faltering sales performance of the Fiesta to the impressive rise of […]