Porsche Carrera MKII by Vorsteiner

American tuner Vorsteiner has prepared a new tuning package for the Porsche Carrera MKII. And we have pictures to prove it! To start, the Americans took the German model and gave the V-GT aerodynamic kit. Made of carbon fiber and consists of an extension to the front spoiler and rear […]

Debut for the new Porsche Boxster Spyder at LA 2009

The wait is over. Porsche brought at Los Angeles Motor Show the new Spyder Boxster, third model in range. Under the hood we have a unit of 3.4-liter six-cylinder that develops 320 hp or 10 hp more power than the Boxster S. Porsche Boxster Spyder at LA 2009 The increase […]

Gemballa GT 750 Aero 3 Sport Exclusive

Gemballa came back with a new creation. The Porsche has four doors and a considerable size. What could it be? Of course, a Cayenne. German tuner presents us something called Gemballa GT 750 AERO 3 Sports Exclusive. Too long for us! So we will tell them Cayenne’s 750 hp. In […]

Porsche Cayenne Diesel by SpeedART

Positive or negative, depends which side you look, the current created around the new Porsche Cayenne Diesel continues with a new tuner that was modifying the German SUV. SpeedART Company, for about it is, has prepared a number of improvements both technical and aesthetic for the model in Stuttgart. In […]

Porsche Gemballa GT 600 Aero 3 Sport Design

At the end of last month, Gemballa offered this special edition of a new Carrera GT model, called Mirage GT Gold Edition. Well, now we have a new edition from the German supercar. Now we deal with a new edition of the SUV’s in Stuttgart. Because if it is Porsche […]

Vantage TOPCAR GTR – Tuning for Porsche Cayenne

There are plenty of tuners ready to modify your car and TOPCAR Cayenne is one of those companies. Russia’s newest creation is called Vantage is a combination of GTR and kits Advantage GT and Vantage. On the exterior, the German SUV has received a new body kit made of Kevlar […]

Switzer Performance P800 – Porsche beast

I always considered a Porsche 997 a fast car, but some apparently do not reach the 480 HP already. Largest Porsche took into account this opinion, launching such a powerful GT2. Looks like the 530 HP model you were still insufficient, and that only benefit car hauling back. American tuner […]

Porsche Cayenne Diesel by MTM

Following the example of rivals CarGraphic and TechArt, German tuner MTM has announced the launch of an upgrade package for the Porsche Cayenne Diesel. For those of huge Porsche, MTM has prepared a mix of “food” available for the version of the 3.0L V6 diesel, with 300 HP and 285 […]