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Number Plates: What are the Various Options Available?


There are in fact numerous options available as far as getting the number plates is concerned.  There are people who spend huge amount of money to get a desired number plate registration.  There are a few who cannot afford such an expense yet wish to have something special as their number plate.  For such people […]

Tips on Buying Personalised Number Plates as an Investment

It may seem like a weird investment, but there are many people who buy personalized number plates as investments. They hope that the value of their purchases increase with time, so that they can sell them and make a mean profit. The Internet is about with people making huge profits from this type of investment, […]

Crazi Tuning For Ford Rat 49!

Now, this is something you don’t see everyday. A very, very personalized proof that creativity and ingenuity exist all around. We have found some pictures and videos that portray the Mad Mods Kustoms Rat Rod Ford 49. All we can say is: WOW! The changes on this beauty include a new engine with large stacks […]