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Re-desgined Opel Astra!

  Opel Astra has never looked better! Tuned by Senner, this new Opel is now a true road monster, dressed in a cute red exterior. They first started with a new BMC sport air filter and a sport exhaust system, continuing with a revised ECU. All these allow Astra to produce 165 horsepower and 250 […]

Opel Astra GTC at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Opel has always been one of my favorite car brands and I bet I am not the only one that adores this German wonder. And the 2012 Opel Astra GTC that has been presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 is nothing but a reinforcement of its quality and tenacity. The brilliant design shares some […]

Tune Your Opel Astra and Get a New Look

Steinmetz is specialized in Opel Astra. They have come out their new kit for the 2010 Opel Astra. In their effort to keep the stream lined appearance they have added a few aerodynamic parts. They have added a new front spoiler and a grill that is colored black.

Opel has received over 100,000 orders for the new Astra in Europe

Germans from Opel have received over 100,000 orders for the Astra in Europe. The commercialization started Europe in December, and the high number of commands will make an exchange in addition to the Opel factory in Gliwice, Poland. 2010 Opel Astra Opel Astra’s expectations for sales already exceeded by 10%, they anticipating sales of 180,000 […]