Old Cars Spark Young Business Leaders to Give Back


Entrepreneurs used to be older, mostly men, that had been in business for a very long time. Today, younger business leaders are emerging all across the country. These youthful entrepreneurs are following their dreams, working hard and blazing business success trails for others to follow. Many of these younger business […]

Into Old Cars? 3 Tips For Tasteful Restorations


Restoring an antique car is one of the most satisfying and potentially lucrative activities for you to explore. Bringing old cars back to their optimum condition requires commitment, research, hard work, professional assistance, and lots of personal involvement. Whether you are a collector of classic vehicles or someone who appreciates […]

Restoring Your Classic Car


When people are committed to restoring their classic cars, they must have all the right tools and parts for their vehicles. American muscle car restoration is a hard job to do, but many people take great joy in learning to handle their beautiful old cars. There are many classics out […]

The Phantom Corsair Prototype

This prototype was designed back in 1938 by Rust Heinz and Maurice Schwartz of the Pasadena and it is a 6-passenger coupe, a project that was abandoned by its designers. I know that many car lovers would love to see it running on streets, but you have to know more […]

Interesting Russian Car Cemetery

I bet that you haven’t been that interested (until now) to see a car cemetery. And I think you don’t know much about Russian cars (only if you are from Russia); that’s why I think this photo collection from Chistoprudov is very interesting. This cemetery is like a museum of […]