Nissan GTR by Koenigseder

Koenigseder is an Austrian tuning firm and released a tuning kit for the Japanese Nissan GTR. Tuners are always interested in the powerful Nissan GTR and now it has a new paint in orange and aerodynamic kit with amazing design.

AC with Vitamin C from Nissan

AC with Vitamin C from Nissan

I know the title sounds crazy, but Nissan really impressed us with its innovative idea. It’s about an AC system that it’s improved with Vitamin C and purifies the interior air of the car.

Nissan 370 Z with the new enhancements

Cobra N+ tuners have developed a custom sports kit made of carbon fiber for the Nissan 370Z. The kit has a front spoiler and a diffuser for the rear. Both these are attached to the car’s bumper. The new aftermarket exhaust system has its outlets through the diffuser. The exhaust […]

Nismo Tuning Package for Nissan GT-R

Nismo, the specialized tuner for Nissan, revealed a series of improvements for the model GT-R. Nismo engineers from Godzilla prepared for a full package that includes Bilstein springs and Nismo, alloy 20-inch rims and a new exhaust system. For inside, the Japanese tuner offers leather and carbon fiber and Recaro […]