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Nissan SVM GTR Pulls a New Record!

New record achieved by Nissan GT-R made at the Severn Valley Motorsport (U.K tuning car company): 218mph. There is no wonder since it features 1200 HP, but still is an impressive record. Also known as “The Hulk” this awesome car includes a SVM HULK Spec Forged Blueprinted Unit 4.2L, 1600 ID Injectors High flow injectors, […]

AMS and Nissan GTR Go Big!

When you say AMS you already know that is going to be something good, right? Well, you are not mistaken! AMS in combination with the awesome Nissan GTR break many records, but the most important of them is the speed record. At the Texas Mile event in October, Nissan GTR Alpha 12  managed to hit […]

Nissan GTR by Koenigseder

Koenigseder is an Austrian tuning firm and released a tuning kit for the Japanese Nissan GTR. Tuners are always interested in the powerful Nissan GTR and now it has a new paint in orange and aerodynamic kit with amazing design.