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NASCAR Betting

NASCAR has become one of the fastest growing sports in the last few years. The fans that follow the sport have expanded beyond the borders of the United States to include over 150 countries. Every week, the Sprint Cup race is broadcast to these nations. As the sport has grown in popularity so has the […]

No More Support From the Army!

No more Army sponsorship for NASCAR! The latest news bring us to light the fact that the Army National Guard will end its collaboration with NASCAR, collaboration which has brought the latter one almost $20 million during the past few years. Senator McCollum declared that NASCAR sponsorship deal has brought  24,800 recruits interested, but, only […]

The 2013 Ford Taurus SHO Driven By a Professional

When you put your mind to building something you are pretty proud of that thing, but you can’t actually see its value until you test it yourself. The same thing happened for the guys who built up the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO. But that is not all. The driver was the one and only NASCAR […]

Audi A5 DTM: The Racer of Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Audi A5 DTM is another jewelery displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Loved by every NASCAR fan , this Audi is made to thrill its admirers, but not only. Buying this car will definitely improve one’s life, regardless of other “aspects”. But back to our DTM. Equipped with 460-horsepower generated by a V8 engine, […]

Video-NASCAR Taxi in Chicago

Red Bull Racing Team’s Scott Speed takes passengers into its NASCAR car through the streets of Chicago: NASCAR Taxi in Chicago Would you like to travel in such an interesting taxi? I surely do!

Amazing Car Racing in Paris

I’ve found this amazing video on theautotube.com and I think you should see it, because this is the most impressive and amazing race stunts made. The care used is a racing Ford Fiesta ST and it was made at the L’Autodrome de Linas in Paris, France.

Mustang GT – the official car of 2010 NASCAR Daytona

A Mustang GT turned into a specimen collection. Why? So that has the name “Daytona 500”, representing the official car Daytona NASCAR, which will start on February 14. Mustang GT – the official car of 2010 NASCAR Daytona Daytona 500 is based on a Mustang GT piece, as I said, propelled by a 5.0 L […]