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Ford Mustang from Lee Iacocca


If is someone who deserves to have its own Ford Mustang, that is Lee Iacocca, considered the “father” of the American model. Here is that this happens in 45 years from the appearance of the muscle car, in the meantime becomes a symbol in the auto world. Known as Iacocca Mustang Silver Edition, this model […]

Roush presenting new 427R Mustang

If you are a person that love Mustang’s thunderous (although I do not know who would not like it), then this story is (in particular) for you. Those at Roush revealed first official details and photos with the new 427R, a thunderous first version of the new Ford Mustang. Under the hood, the new Roush […]

2011 Qatar Motor Show- Ford, Lincoln Blows Stiff Lineup

Ford, the world famous motor giants has made a bustling strum at the Qatar Motor Show with its top-notch product offers. The latest and brand-new Ford Edge, inspiring Mustang with the newly designed dual powertrain, esteemed Ford Taurus, 3.7L V6, awe-inspiring 5.0L V8 GT and of course the latest 2011 Lincoln MKX conceitedly joins the […]

Mustang GT – the official car of 2010 NASCAR Daytona

A Mustang GT turned into a specimen collection. Why? So that has the name “Daytona 500”, representing the official car Daytona NASCAR, which will start on February 14. Mustang GT – the official car of 2010 NASCAR Daytona Daytona 500 is based on a Mustang GT piece, as I said, propelled by a 5.0 L […]

Detroit 2010 – Mustang GT/CS California Special Edition

5.0 liter, 2011 special edition “California Special” on the underlying coveted Ford Mustang GT, introduced three years ago in the Ford range. Detroit 2010 – Mustang GT/CS California Special Edition Officially, the company did not publish data on the 2011 edition of the famous Mustang GT / CS, but after the presentation of the Detroit […]

Ford presents new Mustang GT – V8, 5.0 liters and 412 hp

The 5.0 is back! Ford revealed one of the best kept secret in Detroit: the new Mustang GT with 5.0-liter V8 engine 412 hp! And all you need to know is here: Ti-VCT V8 of 5.0 liters, 412 hp and 529 Nm and six-speed transmission (manual or automatic). Of course, this is just a small […]

Mustang Pool Table

I admit that I would love to have a pool table in my house, but who wouldn’t want a Mustang pool table? A desire for a special price… about $ 15,000. Mustang Pool Table Mustang Pool Table Okay, so a great pool table, there is the right client, not look at the money … because […]

MUSTANG RTR-C Carbon Monster from the USA

You have to take a short look on the key hole and you will remain impressed, indeed! These are first photos made visible regarding the limited production for those of Mustang, RTR-C. MUSTANG RTR-C Carbon Monster This is a 100% Carbon Mustang made for the street, with adjustable stock absorbers from the car, 550 hp […]

Iacocca presents the new 45th Anniversary Mustang

The man behind the original Mustang‘s, Lee Iacocca, has returned with a special version which will celebrate its 45 years of American’s pony car. And the pictures below do not lie: a silver beast is simply impressive. Mustang’s design in question is a fairly simple but stands out with its aggressiveness. One massive front spoiler, […]

Ford Mustang FlatBack by CGS Motorsports

Although up to this year’s edition of the SEMA Show are a few months, tuners have started to introduce us to the salon atmosphere that will take place between 3 and 6 November in Las Vegas. Normally, here we see a lot of Mustang sites, among them the American FlatBack from CGS Motorsports. But this […]

Reed Speed SSE – 700 hp Mustang

Named Reed Speed ESS, this beast is the result of collaboration between Randall Reed Ford and Artisan Performance. Under the hood the engine has received including a twin-turbo kit, reach maximum power to 700 HP. Important to specify that creation will be offered only with manual transmission. List of changes includes a new high performance […]

Another photo with the new Ford Mustang

Ford continues their tactic of promoting the release of the 2010 Mustang model revealing a new picture, this panel board with the muscle-car. This picture comes a week immediately after the U.S. launched another 5 images with some of the stylistic details of the new model. 2010 Ford Mustang will most likely start in November […]