Mercedes G-Class with Carlsson 1/5 Evo UL rims

Designed for the heavy crosses roads Mercedes – G-Class can support enormous strengths. That’s why the engineers have created the Carlsson 1 / 5 Evo Ultra Light 22 inches rims. Although the name suggests we have to make some ultra-light wheels (up to 40% less than other lightweight wheels with […]

Mercedes C63 AMG by Edo Competition

German tuner Edo Competition has left behind this time and took supercar as the (super) Mercedes C63 AMG sedan. The result? A real wolf in sheep’s fur. And when I say wolf in sheep’s fur, does not dispute his aggressiveness C63 AMG, but emphasize that the model looks almost like […]

Mercedes GL by Carlsson

One of the most opulent designs that offer Mercedes, the GL SUV, was an aspect of sport and an attitude (and) imposing by the German tuner Carlsson. For start, the kit specified aesthetic RS, which is responsible for exterior design. If you look carefully, the list of modifications to the […]

Mercedes SL63 AMG Black Series

New Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series is not for everyone. And not just because it is produced in limited edition, but also because of the astronomical price. But, fortunately, some Germans have a Mercedes SL63 AMG and they have converted to Black Series. Plus a notable difference. The model can […]

SLR McLaren Carbon by Project Kahn

British tuner Project Kahn continues to attempt improvement of the perfect car and now brings us Carbon SLR McLaren. With a perfect design, inspired by the “silver arrow” in Formula 1, German-British supercar not feels the need for aesthetic improvements. Part frontal as long “nose” which ends with the famous […]

Mercedes E-Class by CDC International

A black limo with and chrome-plated rims… Honestly, I have recently seen this combination. And like I was missing … But that brings us the German tuner CDC International. It all started with a Mercedes … More specifically, the new Mercedes E350 CDI. Coincidence or not, German limo came and […]

Markuzzi ME 35 GT – Widebody for C Class

Aggression and sportsmanship. Exactly what you expect when read as a tuner installed a wide-body kit on a different model. And the sedan in front of the case is no exception … For start, meet the teacher Markuzzi and student Mercedes C350. “Disciple” was chosen with a new wide-body kit […]

Lorinser LV8 tuned C63 AMG

Creative German tuner Lorinser revealed new details and photos with LV8 that will attend the weekend’s competition at the Tuner Grand Prix, which takes place on the Hockenheimring in Germany. The new Lorinser LV8 is based on Mercedes C63 AMG model but comes with a number of technical and aesthetic […]

Mercedes E-Class by Wald International

Not only Germans prepared the new model generation of Mercedes E-Class, but also Japanese. Thus, after a series of works from German Kicherer, Lorinser, Brabus and Carlsson, the newest proposal for tuning sedan from the Stuttgart comes from the Japanese company Wald International. At this point do not know many […]

Mercedes CL65 AMG by MKB

With 612 hp and 1,000 Nm under hood, Mercedes CL65 AMG is one of the “mega-coupe’s” today. But even so, there are companies who dare to change the German and MKB is one of them. The most important and interesting changes took place under the hood, where the German tuner […]

Mercedes CL63 AMG Ed Hardy

Relation-fashioned car becomes every day more and more frequent and more normal. After Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe + Louis Vuitton, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster Versace and Edo + LP710 + Christian Audigier today so we have a new combination, namely the Mercedes CL63 AMG + Ed Hardy. In addition to […]