Mercedes and Chicks Go Along Great!

As I said a million times before, the combination women and cars is the perfect one if you want to sell some vehicles. If not, your chances are highly diminished. So, the guys at Inden Design said they will give it a try and they applied the method to the […]

Mercedes SLS AMG tuned by Prior Design

Oh my God! Is like a flying bird, but without the nasty feathers and with better looks. I am talking about Mercedes SLS AMG tuned by Prior Design. Although this car has experienced the handy craft of many tuning companies, now it looks better than ever. Since the appearance is […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Tuned by Kubatech

Mercedes is another beautiful brand that has come up with a new car which will arouse your curiosity. The German company Kubatech has worked really hard in order to redesign Mercedes SLS AMG. And the results were pretty convincing: an ECU optimization which contributes to ┬áthe natural work of the […]