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Another Wonderful Tuning for Mercedes!

It was about time that we start talking about Mercedes again! The guys from Wald International have set free their wildest dreams and released a new 3rd edition Black Bison kit for previously mentioned brand. When talking about the Mercedes S-Class, we instantly think at the W221 package which features R13 RENOVATIO 22-inch matte black […]

Mercedes S-Class by Brabus iBusiness

Mercedes-Benz is well-known as the perfect limousine, but when you want to resolve all problems from office in your car, Brabus iBusiness is the perfect solution. Only a beautiful Mercedes by Brabus? If you are work-a-hollic and you have enough money to buy a beautiful limousine, I think you should pay attention at the following […]

2011 Mercedes S350 BlueTEC Review

Mercedes added a new version on their S-Class line, called the S350 BlueTEC. This model is efficient and secure and has a consumption of 6.8 liter on diesel model at 100 km and 177 g/km CO2 emissions, all at 258 hp and 620 Nm of torque.