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Jenson Button’s Motoring Career


How has Jenson Button’s motoring career developed over time? The driver, who is currently with McLaren, won his only Drivers’ World Championship in 2009 with Brawn GP, and is the current face of McLaren Grand Prix Merchandise. From being a karting prodigy in the 1990s, Button’s career has seen him struggle to build on his […]

Mercedes SLR McLaren by FAB Design

By SLR “Desire”, the Swiss tuner FAB Design want to demonstrate once again that can change successfully luxury models. Of course, the appearance will not accommodate all but the piece of resistance is under the hood … Here, V8 engine has been seriously modified and developed no less than 750 horsepower and 1080 Nm. From […]

Video- Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MPG-26 reveals

Each part of the new Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MPG-26 was brought by Mercedes fans. This was one of the most interesting ideas to present the 2011 FIA Formula 1 World Championship new MPG-26 chassis. What do you think about this?

P1-E Electric Car designed by ex-McLaren Jim Dowle

Nobody could design a great sport-car than a designer from F1, and one from McLaren is a good choice. That’s why, Jim Dowle from the JJAD Dowle’s Design Firm, and ex-McLaren F1 designer decide to build an inexpensive sportscar that can be a great challenger for powerful cars, as the Lotus Exige. The most important […]

Video – McLaren XP8 and XP10

McLaren presented the first details and first video with McLaren XP10 and XP8 which shows the company’s future models during the tests. McLaren XP10 and XP8 are two prototypes of future models that are currently tested by Applus IDIADA on public roads near Tarragona. Video – McLaren XP8 and XP10 The two prototypes, XP10 and […]

SLR McLaren Carbon by Project Kahn

British tuner Project Kahn continues to attempt improvement of the perfect car and now brings us Carbon SLR McLaren. With a perfect design, inspired by the “silver arrow” in Formula 1, German-British supercar not feels the need for aesthetic improvements. Part frontal as long “nose” which ends with the famous star, “gills” which side are […]

The ugliest SLR McLaren

I think this is the ugliest Mercedes McLaren SLR in the world. And surprise too many, does not come from any of the ASMA and from Dubai. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream, because this monstrosity has a name, is the work of a designer named Swiss Ueli Anliker. To reach this result, they […]

Renntech 777 – Tuning for Mercedes SLR McLaren

As you probably know, this is not the first time when American tuner Renntech has tuned the supercar Mercedes SLR McLaren. But this time the final result will be extremely famous as the 20 years of the company Renntech. The new “recipe” of American tuner called RENNTECH 777 starts from an SLR McLaren, which has […]

McLaren is ready to offer F1 successor

McLaren has now P11 and P12. First one will be released in 2010 and then settle in the so-called small niche of supercars, something like Ferrari F430. McLaren will be easier and more compact. While British journalists promise that P11 will be equipped with 550 hp V8, in other words, if prices is equal to […]