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Who’s Faster Than Lamboghini?

Since we have been recently talking about the latest tuning made on Lamborghini Aventador, I think it is time to see how the magic works for this car.

On an episode of  Head 2 Head, Jason Cammisa from Automobile Magazine was right on the track to observe the fierce competition between a Lamboghini Aventador and a McLaren MP4-12C (first) followed closely by a Bugatti Veyron.

The video which follows will begin with a warm-up between a  Lexus LFA and the  McLaren MP4-12C, so don’t go anywhere because Lamboghini will go next.

But which one can be the happy winner of the Speedy Gonzalez competition? Check it for yourself!


 Video Lamboghini Aventador 

Source: www.fancytuning.com

Mansory Achieves Succes with Bentley

And the news from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show are starting to fade, but I’ve still got some aces up my sleeve.

It’s the Almighty Mansory which took care of  Bentley Continental GT and GTC  which impressive packages, although they kind of lost the spotlight due to other cars like Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren MP4-12C, or Mercedes CLS 63 AMG.

But, this doesn’t mean that you have to ignore this awesome tuning. No,no!

Starting from the brand new front bumper, carbon fiber hood, new carbon fiber fenders and rear quarter panels, or continuing with 22×10 ultra- light  forget rims with 10 spoke styling, everything looks good on it.

Not to mention the 6.0 liter W12 engine who is the happy winner of a new sport air filter and exhaust system. These two made it produce 672 Hp, 780 Nm of torque and reach 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 322km/h.

And last, the interior which has been wonderfully customized with aluminum pedals, sport steering wheel, new leather upholstery, floor mats, embroidered entry sills and carbon fiber trims on the center console and dashboard.

Here is the new Bentley, ravishing as always!


Source: www.fancytuning.com

McLaren MP4 is Diabolical!

The guys from Wheelsandmore are simply diabolical!

Their new project is based on the McLaren MP4-12C and is called Diabolical Toxique Evil.Brilliant choice for a name!

And what great improvements have been added:the 3.9-liter twin turbo V8 engine went rapidly from 592 HP to 666 horsepower and the torque was raised to 472 lb-ft from 442. Not bad for such a light car.

In what concerns its looks, an electronic hydraulic suspension kit was brought up in order to control the car’s height with almost 25 mm. The tires are premium too, in case you were wondering: 20 and 21-inch lightweight forged alloy rims wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires.

For now, all we have are some pictures but stay tunned for more exciting news.

Source:  www.fancytuning.com