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LSDs for Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R already has a design that out but if you want something special must necessarily use LSD’s. This model with Lambo’ style doors is provided by the German Design LSD and has a price of 1,949 euro. In addition, the doors come with TUV certification and benefit from the GRS (Guided Roller System). Installation […]

Alfa Romeo MiTo by LSD

Germans from LSD gave now a pair of small wings to Alfa Romeo MiTo. And for 1,399 euro you can have it, too. And, let’s face it… we don’t see a MiTo with Lamborghini style doors on every corner; only at the Essen Motor Show! Alfa Romeo MiTo by LSD

Audi TT Green Titan

Is this sure that we deal with an Audi TT? I was not sure until I saw all the pictures with it… Well, the car. And yes, we are dealing with a modified Audi TT. So we do not know if you like it or not. The fact is that the car looks spectacular and […]

Lamborghini doors on that Es-ca-lade

So said the rapper 50 Cent in a video-or the while leading an Escalade with the doors open, of course up. But this time, the text does not match, because the car is a Mercedes-Benz GL. Kit LSD is offered by German tuner ART and likely will impress anyone. And not so kit itself, but […]