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Mercedes E-Class by Lorinser

Last month, Lorinser has released a number of details on tuning the package that you prepare for the new generation of limousines Mercedes E-Class. But then, the German tuner has revealed only two drawings of what to see, so that these new photos are welcome. As we previously announced and new tuning package will be […]

Mercedes S Class by Lorinser & Project Kahn

What happens when a German tuner unites its forces with a British tuner? Sounds a little risky, but the result is appreciated. For starters, the Lorinser S Class equipped with a new body kit containing side air intakes, Spoil the front and rear side and thresholds. The rims are of 21 inches, painted in mat […]

Lorinser LV8 tuned C63 AMG

Creative German tuner Lorinser revealed new details and photos with LV8 that will attend the weekend’s competition at the Tuner Grand Prix, which takes place on the Hockenheimring in Germany. The new Lorinser LV8 is based on Mercedes C63 AMG model but comes with a number of technical and aesthetic improvements. V8 engine power was […]

Lexus LS460 by Lorinser

For the latest draft of his German tuner Lorinser has left behind Mercedes models and took as a Lexus LS460. The final result does not look bad at all and can be admired in the photos below. On the outside, limo Japanese received a new body kit consists of extensions to front and rear spoiler; […]

Lorinser is preparing a tuning package for Mercedes GLK

The German company specializing in Mercedes models, Lorinser, will be one of the first tuning companies that will change the new compact SUV brand in Stuttgart. Besides these drawings, there is no other information about the package that we put people at Lorinser for GLK, but besides body kit and new alloy rims tuner this […]