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First Amazing Chrome Wrap for Lexus LFA!

And we have a premiere on the last day of the week. Lexus LFA has managed to go to Australia and there, be the first chrome wrapped version. Because it is so special, this Lexus has a worldwide production of only 500, if you can believe it, but the truth is that whoever catches it […]

Who’s Faster Than Lamboghini?

Since we have been recently talking about the latest tuning made on Lamborghini Aventador, I think it is time to see how the magic works for this car. On an episode of  Head 2 Head, Jason Cammisa from Automobile Magazine was right on the track to observe the fierce competition between a Lamboghini Aventador and […]

Lexus LFA and the Troublesome Accident!

Apparently we have a big premiere  in the Lexus family. Not a positive one, but still, enough to give us some juice gossip. Lexus LFA  has been involved into a car crash at the beginning of October last year, in Orlando, Florida. Some say that this $400,000 Lexus LFA was taken for a spin by […]

Lexus LFA at Nurburgring

Lexus car manufacturer announced few days ago that it will bring new Lexus LFA at the endurance race track at Nurburgring 24 hours, competition that will take place between 13 and 16 May this year. Lexus LFA at Nurburgring The new Lexus LFA enjoys a 4.8L V10 engine that makes 552-hp with a maximum torque […]