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New Lola B08/60

Aston Martin will come back in sporty prototype world with a V12 engine, used on GT1 sessions, in 2007. The constructor combines the Lola B08/60 chassis with LMP1, the resulted prototype being first for Aston Martin after 16 years, since the T92/10 model, in 1992. New Lola B08/60 One model will appear on several competitions, […]

Panoz Abruzzi – Spirit of Le Mans

Panoz Abruzzi is one incredible car that was unveiled at the 24h Le Mans Race and it seems that will be ready to run on streets, soon. The street car will have a V8 engine able to develop 640 hp or maybe more.

Cool BMW created by Jeff Koons for 24 Hours Le Mans

Amazing painted BMW was presented today in Paris, made especially for the 24 Hours Le Mans Race. The BMW that I’m talking about is an M3 GT which was painted by Jeff Koons (an American artist).

New $2.5 mil Bugatti

New Bugatti could replace the actual Veyron. The car would have 1,175 hp and will pass easily over 400 km/h. Many drawings on this new model appeared, but it looks more like a Le Mans car, than to a luxury grand tour model. New Bugatti will be made for races and for street driving. Specialists […]