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Lamborghini Aventador Edizione GT by DMC

When you say Lamborghini you instantly think at force, beauty and elegance. This is the car that kings would drive if they would be allowed to salute their royal subjects from a Lamborghini.
But do we intend to discuss just any Lamborghini? No! Today is all about the Lamborghini Aventador Edizione GT signed by the German tuner DMC. Although we would expect Europeans to have the chance to see this modified beauty for the first time, the Chinese were luckier.
This jewel was seen in Chongqing, China in a paint job that combined Rosso &Grigio with restyled bumpers. And that is not all. With this $288.888 kit (yes, it really costs that much) you get a fabulous GT rear spoiler and a read diffuser, a brand new engine hood with air scoop and quad exhaust.
Photo source: www.carbuzz.com
But these cosmetic touches are nothing compared to the monstrosity that can be found underneath the hood: a 6.5-liter V12 with wait for it……988 HP (an upgrade from 700). Say what? You really get almost 1,000 HP just like that? Apparently, yes!
This is possible due to a twin-turbo modification, individual throttle plates for every cylinder, a  remapped ECU, injection nozzles and new fuel lines and pumps.

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Who’s Faster Than Lamboghini?

Since we have been recently talking about the latest tuning made on Lamborghini Aventador, I think it is time to see how the magic works for this car.

On an episode of  Head 2 Head, Jason Cammisa from Automobile Magazine was right on the track to observe the fierce competition between a Lamboghini Aventador and a McLaren MP4-12C (first) followed closely by a Bugatti Veyron.

The video which follows will begin with a warm-up between a  Lexus LFA and the  McLaren MP4-12C, so don’t go anywhere because Lamboghini will go next.

But which one can be the happy winner of the Speedy Gonzalez competition? Check it for yourself!


 Video Lamboghini Aventador 

Source: www.fancytuning.com

Lamboghini Aventador Goes For Performance!

Lamborghini Aventador was the subject of a new tuning recently. Transformed by the guys at RENM Performance, the project is called LE-C or Limited Edition Corsa and includes brilliant features.

Among the hottest ones we have  a new carbon fiber body kit with a titanium exhaust system, custom air intakes and ECU re-calibration, things which will boost the power to 11 percent. For this amazing Lamborghini Aventador you need to find cheap car insurance.

Next to that, Lamborghini will also have center-lock race wheels with high performance race tires, brake chambers, carbon fiber accents, racing seats finished with Alcantara and LE-C inscription to go with the safety belts.

Here are some pictures for your joy!