Pitting everyday motors against Star Wars vehicles

Jeep Wrangler

The countdown to the release of the highly anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is almost at an end. As well as being known for its memorable characters and amazing array of planets, the Star Wars universe is also filled with iconic vehicles. Just how would these vehicles handle […]

Van Monster charts the rise of street food van vendors


The popularity of street food has grown substantially over the past few years. Search volume around the term has grown by more than 80 per cent between 2014 and 2016, for example, while the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts that 2.5 billion people now eat street […]

Infographic: Cost of car ownership across the world


Infographic: Cost of car ownership across the world by Carfinance247. It takes a close look at the cost of car ownership across the world taking into account new price, used price, popular models and insurance price. The UK is one of the world’s more expensive countries to be a motorist – but […]

Infographic: Buying Your First Car


Motorparks.com has looked to advise drivers on whether they should aim to buy a brand new car or opt for a used vehicle instead. The advice has been provided via a visual and answers the following questions: What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car? Likewise, what […]

Infographic: The Van Monster Vehicle Manufacturer Euro Football League

If you are an avid football fan, you will already know that Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus were among those to win their respective football division in the 2014/15 season. However, Van Monster has created an alternative football league to work out which vehicle manufacturer would be on top […]

Infographic: 5 Common Roadside Emergencies


Familiarising yourself with your car and being prepared with an emergency kit can get you through most breakdowns and accidents. But safety comes before pride: if you breakdown at night, or in an unsafe location, then you should always call for help! Whether your car is old or new – a […]