News about Honda at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

The latest information from the Frankfurt Motor show 2011 brings to our attention the Japanese brand that decided to give a hand to the environment. Honda knows how to maintain our interest, so they gave away some details about their new project. Apparently, the  Honda EV Concept (they still haven’t figured […]

Japanese auto industry on the brink of collapse

Japanese auto logos

After the earthquakes that hit Japan, a few major car companies have closed their factories. Top manufacturers such Toyota, Nissan, Honda or Subaru have stopped the car production right after the disaster in most factories from Japan. This has led to major losses of vehicles. Less affected by tsunami were […]

2009 Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 roadster has been around for several years and has definitely made quite a reputation for itself. With classic sport looks, a very comfortable interior and plenty power under the hood it is no wonder that the Honda S2000 continues to shine. The Honda S2000 offers 3 trims […]

The Amazing Harley Davidson Trike

Do you have a motorcycle or a car? Well, driving a motorcycle is giving wild sensations to many of you and it can be used even for urban traffic and many more. The best brands in motorcycle are Japanese, like: Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki or Yamaha, but we have other names, […]

No to Honda Civic Type R in Europe

I know the title sounds crazy, but it seems that new Euro 5 pollution standards have to refuse Honda Civic Type R from the European auto market. Any Japanese car lover (and not only) love to drive this beautiful Honda Civic, and in Europe there are many fans, but it […]

10 Amazing Tuning Cars

What is car tuning consisting of, you might ask? That is only if you are definitely not an automobile expert. The performance of a car can be enhanced by doing a little bit of fast tuning on the interior machinery of the car to make them amazingly powerful and faster. […]

New Honda HSV – The Future Race Car

Honda HSV-010 is not just for Honda circuit car, but will evolve into a supercar designed to take place of the latest Honda NSX. New Honda HSV – The Future Race Car We’ve expected from Honda not to throw money on developing new circuit model, because they have to profit […]

500hp Honda Super GT racer

Honda has powerful models and has special dispensation to race, since its previous contender was the NSX Super GT and that car’s engine layout is no longer allowed under the championship rules. 500hp Honda Super GT racer The HSV-010 GT is therefore front-engine car with rear-wheel drive. We believe that […]

Honda Insight by Tommy Kaira

The main rival of the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, received in the beginning of the year new clothes from tuner Tommy Kaire. Honda Insight by Tommy Kaira Thus, the hybrid battle took clothes to celebrate: a kit consisting of front bumper exterior, rear spoiler, thresholds, diffuser, the kit is also […]

Honda Stream by Modulo

After last presented the Mugen kit for Honda Stream, now it is time to see how they handled those of Japanese tuning Modulo-MP. The new tuning package consists only of a change in aesthetic, and includes a new front spoiler, side thresholds, rear spoiler, aileron ceiling for and last but […]