Heico HS3 D5

HEICO SPORTIV, the internationally recognized Volvo tuner, presents its Volvo creations prior to the official market introduction. One of the stars at SEMA Show in Las Vegas (early November): the all-wheel-drive life-style creation, the C30-based HEICO HS3 THOR. For a strong drive a modified 2,5 litre 5-cylinder engine with 250 […]

Volvo V60 tuning by Heico Sportiv

I know that Volvo V60 is not a supercar and it is not the most beautiful car, but a tuning model from Heico Sportiv could impress me. So, Heico wanted to show a new impressive Volvo V60 ready for a long journey. Tuned Volvo V60 has a 2.0 l Turbo […]