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BMW Tuning

BMW M3 Coupe by Hamann

Hamann manufactured products for BMW since 1986, tuning relying on motor-sport experience and the result: powerful performance enhancements, lift-reducing aerodynamics components and a sport braking...
Bentley Tuning

Hamann Imperator

Hamann is not only a BMW tuner and shows us that by launching a tuning program for Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed. Called Imperator,...
BMW Tuning

BMW X6 TYCOON by Hamann

German tuner Hamann is recognized in particular for modifying models and BMW’s newest creation is based on x6. To improve the appearance, Hamann offers a...
Bentley Tuning
Mercedes Tuning

Hamann Volcano

Hamann is a tuner from which you expect a lot, but I do not think more people would be expected to modify a Mercedes. Not...
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Porsche Tuning

Hamann Stallion 911 Turbo Tuning

Porsche 911 Turbo was already one of the fastest, best-performing sport cars on the road, but there is Hamann – who’ve tuned everything from the...
BMW Tuning

2009 BMW X6 Tycoon by Hamann

BMW X6 is a beautiful car, but the one tuned by Hamann is pretty impressive. The car was called “Tycoon”, as a symbol name.
Fiat Tuning
Tuning News

HAMANN USB memory card

German tuner Hamann presented in March their latest product HAMANN USB Memory Card that has a capacity of 2GB as a credit card. This USB...
Ferrari Tuning

Ferrari 458 Italy by Hamann

Ferrari 458 Italy by Hamann is probably the first tuning project-based from Ferrari. Hamann Ferrari 458 Italy Hamann Ferrari 458 Italy is in the early...