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News about Honda at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

The latest information from the Frankfurt Motor show 2011 brings to our attention the Japanese brand that decided to give a hand to the environment. Honda knows how to maintain our interest, so they gave away some details about their new project. Apparently, the  Honda EV Concept (they still haven’t figured out a name for it) […]

BMW at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 will end in 5 days, but until then we can admire the beautiful models which were already presented and are to come in the following days. As you all know, many important brands have displayed their latest projects but some of the most breathtaking cars were the BMWs . I […]

Porsche Techart GTStreet RS at Frankfurt Motor Show

Porsche is coming strong this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Besides the 2012 Porsche 911, we were also able to admire the Techart GTStreet RS model. Classy and very colorful, this is based on the 911 GT2 RS, but has other brilliant features too. For example, under the hood, you will own an […]

BMW Motorrad Concept E conquers the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Enough about cars. Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 has come up with another great vehicle that will simply leave you breathless. The “guilty” company for this E concept is BMW that has reinvented the world of the motorcycles. Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part: this is an eco-scooter! It has an aerodynamic style […]

Audi A5 DTM: The Racer of Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Audi A5 DTM is another jewelery displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Loved by every NASCAR fan , this Audi is made to thrill its admirers, but not only. Buying this car will definitely improve one’s life, regardless of other “aspects”. But back to our DTM. Equipped with 460-horsepower generated by a V8 engine, […]

Scrappy Mercedes amazes at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 has come up with many interesting, luxurious and strange cars that excite everyone. But by far, the most outrageous model comes from Mercedes and is called Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing.” The most interesting thing about this car is the fact that is made of car parts and pieces of scrap, perfectly combined […]

Opel Astra GTC at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Opel has always been one of my favorite car brands and I bet I am not the only one that adores this German wonder. And the 2012 Opel Astra GTC that has been presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 is nothing but a reinforcement of its quality and tenacity. The brilliant design shares some […]