Geneva Motor Show – New Ford Focus is a Star

After being released in the U.S., the new Ford Focus has landed in Europe, at the Geneva Motor Show. Besides the hatchback version, Ford made its world premiere with the wagon variant of one of the best selling compact car on market. Ford Focus at 2010 Geneva Motor Show Enjoy […]

2012 Ford Focus Wagon

Ford introduced the new generation Focus Wagon with only one day before the official debut of this model at the Geneva Motor Show. 2012 Ford Focus Wagon 2012 Ford Focus Wagon will be first on European market, because big and spacious car are the perfect solution.

Mustang GT – the official car of 2010 NASCAR Daytona

A Mustang GT turned into a specimen collection. Why? So that has the name “Daytona 500”, representing the official car Daytona NASCAR, which will start on February 14. Mustang GT – the official car of 2010 NASCAR Daytona Daytona 500 is based on a Mustang GT piece, as I said, […]

Ford Fiesta by Ford Racing & Steeda Autosports

While the 2011 version of Ford Fiesta makes its quiet debut in Los Angeles, tuners already caught to modify the new model. First to offer a tuning package is Ford Racing, in cooperation with Steed Autosports. What, how and in what way looks great, that we find today. Ford Fiesta […]

Ford introduced Fiesta S2000 Rally Car

Ford introduced the latest car to the rally, conducted together with experts from the M-Sport, which also produce Ford WRC cars. Fiesta S2000 rally car will be a comprehensive car, following to compete in many competitions, the WRC, IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge – Series rival WRC), the S2000 World Cup […]

Ford Edge by Steeda

North American tuner Steed gives Ford fans a sport package for one of the AMI rated cars on the market today, Edge. Company officials boast that this model is “the perfect answer for those who have everything.” Ford Edge by Steeda In terms of style, Steed Edge Sport is very […]

Iacocca presents the new 45th Anniversary Mustang

The man behind the original Mustang‘s, Lee Iacocca, has returned with a special version which will celebrate its 45 years of American’s pony car. And the pictures below do not lie: a silver beast is simply impressive. Mustang’s design in question is a fairly simple but stands out with its […]