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Get Ready to Experience Arclight Fab Ford F100

Those who are already impressed by the incredible journey of Aaron Kaufman and his first launch Fast ‘N Loud might be eager to know about the latest updates about Arclight Fab. Well! He is now ready with his new shop and is completely focused on building Ford’s F100 lineup. The Fast N’ Loud gained huge […]

Find A Used Ford Dealer You Can Trust

Road trips, weekends going up to the cottage or the beach, and long hauls down to Florida or out to the Maritimes are all signs that you’ve had a great summer. But they really run down your vehicle, and if it can tell you a lot about the state of your car. If it’s time […]

Albrecht Hertz. Aristocrat with Great Taste

Not all designers can create a great car, but all car designers are able to create a lot of beautiful things, except cars. Albrecht Hertz was born in 1914 in the family of a wealthy German count. Being in his position, you could not particularly worry about your future and devote yourself to any interesting […]

Ford Mustang from Lee Iacocca


If is someone who deserves to have its own Ford Mustang, that is Lee Iacocca, considered the “father” of the American model. Here is that this happens in 45 years from the appearance of the muscle car, in the meantime becomes a symbol in the auto world. Known as Iacocca Mustang Silver Edition, this model […]

Is it a Ford?

I have found few interesting photos with a “Ford“. I write like this, because first I was sure it was an Aston Martin. But the big “Ford” mark makes me say that this is a great Ford car. Can you help me in telling which model from Ford is it? interesting car

Roush presenting new 427R Mustang

If you are a person that love Mustang’s thunderous (although I do not know who would not like it), then this story is (in particular) for you. Those at Roush revealed first official details and photos with the new 427R, a thunderous first version of the new Ford Mustang. Under the hood, the new Roush […]

New Ford Fiesta SportVan launched in Great Britain

For those Brits who want to have personal transportation in the city, but also benefit from a bit of air sports, Ford introduced the Fiesta Van. This car is also the smallest commercial vehicle produced by Ford and looks away from an almost three-door Fiesta; only benefit from increased capacity of transport of goods. Spokesperson […]

New Shelby GT500 unveiled

Forget the financial crisis! Ford revealed the first official details and photos of the new Shelby GT500, one of the most powerful and fastest Mustang “series” of history. Top version of the new Mustang is propelled by a supercharged V8 engine that develops no less than 540 horsepower and about 690 Nm. And that is […]

New Ford Focus RS

Ford has disclosed the first photos of the production version for Focus RS model. It will be powered by a turbo engine of 2.5 liters that develops 300 horsepower and will accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.9 seconds, while the maximum speed will be 264 km / h. The new […]

Ford is launching Focus Zetec S in UK

For the first time in Britain, Ford Zetec S version introduces the Focus range. Based on the model Zetec, Zetec S benefits from outside extensions to front and rear, alloy rims of 17-inch and logo “S” for the front wings. At the interior, Zetec S receives a set of aluminum pedals and hand brake handle […]

2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR

Ford Shelby and Ford Mustang are my favorites model from Ford and the new GT500KR is really amazing! The 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR is a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original 1968 Shelby GT500KR. It starts as a Mustang GT500 that has been fettled by Ford‘s SVT group, and then the rolling chassis […]

The Amazing 2013 Ford Shelby GT500

At the end of the year, as a reward for being so good during this last year, the guys from Ford decided we sure deserve good news. Apparently, the 2013 Shelby GT500 which made its public debut at the  2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, will be present at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show too with […]