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Best 3 cars of 2014


The new car market is improving all the time, whatever your budget. From increasingly tiny city cars to sumptuous 4x4s, the options really are dizzying. But how do you know which cars are the ones to look out for on the forecourt in 2014? Well, we’ve read all the reviews, collated the data and come […]

Used 4×4 Car Sales Increase


Global information services group, Experian, announced this year that the biggest growth in used car sales came from the 4×4 sector. Last year, 4×4 companies saw a sales increase of 5.2 per cent compared to 2011. Despite the difficult economic climate, people are turning to larger vehicles, with the most popular selling 4×4 being the […]

Be economical with Ford Focus Econetic


Ford Focus ECOnetic impresses with the most economical fuel consumption, elegance, innovation and comfort. Ford Official’s announced that Econetic version for Ford Focus will have a medium consumtion of 3.5 l/100 km. Ford Focus Econetic engine comes with a new injection system and special turbocharger. Besides these, the Focus Econetic comes with stop-start, brake energy […]

The Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta Compared

Fiesta vs Focus

Now that gasoline costs almost $4 a gallon, the small auto market segment is the hottest in the United States. The Ford Fiesta and Focus are both small cars, and anyone visiting a Ford dealership will wonder which is better. Ford executives attributed the faltering sales performance of the Fiesta to the impressive rise of […]

The Ford Focus: 2012’s Success Story

Ford Focus 2012

It’s no secret that the name Ford has been synonymous with quality engineering for decades. But one of its most popular and enduring models has become the biggest selling car in the world this year. Why? The Ford Focus is a masterpiece of smart design coupled with the heritage of brilliance we rightly expect from […]

Hit and Run? Think Again!

Hello guys. Ready to start a new busy week? Well, if you are already exhausted and feel the need for a quick relax time, here is a short news that I hope will lift your spirits. You all now the drill with “the hit and run” thing, that I am sure everyone hates. I mean, […]

Ford Focus Econetic Second Generation

Ford has announced to bring up its Focus Econetic line soon for public. This car would be a sedan venture for the brand that will heavily change the fuel economy definition the industry is forced. Report says that the Focus Econetic second generation will have record mileage per gallon as well as carbon dioxide emission […]

Is the Nissan Leaf the next big thing?

Gas station

This is a Guest Post written by Ben Jones. In 2011, Nissan will be releasing its first all electric vehicle. The vehicle named the ‘Leaf’ is capable of a top speed of 92 mph and has a range of 200 miles between charges. Nissan have also been applauded for the Leaf’s appearance. So is it […]

2012 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus presented their first electric model, car that can be purchased in Europe starting 2012. 2012 Ford Focus Electric 2012 Ford Focus Electric will have the same autonomy as the Renault Fluence ZE, but a much powerful engine of 125 hp that can push the car up to 136 km/h.

Top 6 all-wheel drive cars

Slippery surfaces will ruin your mood as well as day anytime you get to it. That is why you will benefit with four-wheel drive. Think of your teenagers and the best car model that will surely make them unharmed on the roads. Do not forget that many of them are nothing else but beginners; they […]

Amazing Ford Focus RS500 of 345 hp

Ford Focus RS is at its end and now Ford is presenting its new powerful model, called the RS500, a model that will be produced in only 500 pieces. The car has powerful 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine that offers 345 hp at 460 Nm of torque.

Geneva Motor Show – New Ford Focus is a Star

After being released in the U.S., the new Ford Focus has landed in Europe, at the Geneva Motor Show. Besides the hatchback version, Ford made its world premiere with the wagon variant of one of the best selling compact car on market. Ford Focus at 2010 Geneva Motor Show Enjoy full photo gallery of new […]