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The Best Cars of Last Vegas Rich and Famous

Lamborghini LP640 Roadster

For a lot of rich and famous people, particularly gamblers, Las Vegas is not just about casinos and gambling. There’s more to Las Vegas than just merely gaming. Las Vegas is a place of the rich and the famous. It as well is an experience that also encompasses fine dining, high-end shopping, and driving around […]

Ferrari 599 GTO at 2010 Paris Auto Show

Ferrari 599 GTO is expected to make its debut at this Fall Paris Auto Show. According to an AutoWeek article the new model will have 132 lbs less than the standard model, because of the lighter body-work made of carbon fiber. Ferrari 599 GTO This car is very special, using striped-down interior and special light […]

Ferrari 599 Hybrid – short preview

Images with Ferrari 599 Hybrid appeared on the Internet, just few days before its launch at the Geneva Motor Show. It seems that the photographer who captured these images attended to a private presentation of the Ferrari. Ferrari 599 Hybrid First information presents that the hybrid electric engine produces 100 hp Ferrari and offers a […]

Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB

The Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB. An Saudi Arabian guy driving this chromed out Ferrari 599 GTB. Interesting idea, because I’ve always said that a Ferrari is beautiful only in red, but now… I have to reconsider my idea. Do you like it? Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB