Nissan 350Z or Black Beauty

A car known for its versatility in terms of tuning, Nissan 350Z still fall as a “victim” in tuner hands. But this time, the result is pleasant to my eye. The copy below was “arranged” by Xtrem Shop Caballero, who used an external kit from Ibherdesign and Eurolineas spoiler, all […]

Enzo Ferrari converted into FXX Evoluzione by Edo Competition

German tuner Edo Competition plays with “heavy metals”, as we already used, presenting a new concept after Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione. What justifies this name, however pretentious and pompous “FXX“?!? How simple is answering the question: 840 hp and 780 Nm “squeezed” a 6.3-L engine – the 6.0L version of […]

Mercedes S250 CDI BlueEfficiency – First four-cylinder S

The new Mercedes-Benz S320 CDI BlueEfficiency began its “career” as the most economical S-Class available. With a V6 235 hp and 540 Nm, the average consumption of 7.6 l/100 km and luxury S-Class model is the ideal compromise for those with aspirations of “environmentalists”. But wait … latest information indicates […]

Mercedes C 63 AMG – Edition 63

Mercedes announces a new limited edition model C 63 AMG, on the Australian market named Edition 63. On the outside, the car looks strikingly as the factory model C 63 AMG, the novelty consists in DTM wheels 19 “, and three color variants (Designo Platinum Black, Designo Mystic White, and […]

BMW M3 E46 by HPF

When it comes to M3, the image is clear: Maximum sportive. But some find ways to beat tuners and beyond what the factory engineers would not change. And the M3 S54 E46 not deviates from the rule, not. American tuner HPF (HorsePowerFreaks) realized that this beast has personality problems, so […]

Ford comes with the four-cylinder 230HP EcoBoost engine

Ford pull hard on the innovation and comes with EcoBoost engine of 2.0 liters, four cylinders and gear box with clutch double to six reports. New technology incorporated in EcoBoost propeller is said to reduce fuel consumption by 10-20%, improve power transmission to the wheels with 7-9%, that for an […]

VW launched Golf Plus LPG

From the Germans we can not expect any pleasant surprises. Now we have part one: Volkswagen has launched a version of its model segment C has the installation of gas liquefied oil. Golf Plus BiFuel model works with both petrol and liquefied gas oil. The car is equipped with an […]

Lexus IS Convertible starts at $ 38.490

There are few car manufacturers that still afford to put on the market a luxury car, including Lexus. Hoping that the crisis that someone will ask “on the new model IS Convertible to be launched globally in May, producers announced price. Thus, the IS 250C variant, the starting price is […]