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Driving tests: past, present and future


The motoring industry is changing all of the time as technology develops and more extensive safety features are added to new vehicles. But are drivers equipped for the new changes? Together with Pass N Go, a provider of driving lessons in Sunderland, we take a look at how the driving test has changed over time […]

The Backup Plans Every Driver Should Have In Place

driving-car When it comes to being on the road, not everything will go to plan. Even when you have a car that you love, that you know is in a great condition, and that shouldn’t experience any issues, you can find that things to wrong. Because everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes they will be mistakes that […]

How The Future Of Driving Is Changing


Driving is something we bet you take for granted. You don’t realise the luxury you have of being able to jump in your car and drive wherever you want. To not have to rely on public transport to get to where you need to go, or a lift from someone you know. Or even worse… […]

What Do Pavement Accidents Mean For Drivers?


In October of last year, a Toyota Prius mounted the pavement outside the Natural History Museum and seriously injured 11 people, nine of which required hospitalisation. Last week, a black Audi killed three young London pedestrians on impact. And, this weekend, a similar incident in Aberdeen saw two elderly pedestrians in a serious condition. Picture […]

How to Master the Track Like a Pro


Being a skilled racing driver might seem like an extremely demanding job that only a superhuman could master. But with the right wisdom and a little determination, anyone can drive like a professional, even if you’re just out on a casual track day. Here, we lay out some top tips for mastering the track like […]

The case for in-car connectivity making you a safer driver

There has been an abundance of excitement surrounding Volkswagen’s decision to combine the Alexa Voice Service with Car-Net functions ever since the German brand revealed the news in January. This is not just because the development should help cars to move further into the 21st century, but the new technology could enable drivers to become safer […]

Gamechanging Apps for People Who Are Addicted to Driving


It doesn’t matter whether you are considered a petrolhead or a motorhead the meaning is the same, you love your car and will resist all other forms of transport when you have the chance to get behind the wheel of your treasured automobile. If this sounds like you and you can’t get enough of all […]

Do You Know How to Drive in Rough Times?

I used to consider myself a good driver because I hadn’t had any major accident and I was quite careful on the road. Up until I had to drive in winter. That totally screwed with my “good-driver” impression. I was so lost and I was so scared that I wasn’t going to get back home […]

How to Determine the Value of Your Car before Applying for Car Title Loans


A car title loan is a short term loan for people experiencing financial emergencies. Usually, these are people who also have bad credit and are struggling to apply for any other type of loan. Applying for title loans in Orange County is very easy to do and can generally be completed online. Additionally, what matters […]

Set of right car tools keeps your car away from any harm


Introduction Owing a car has always been a very special experience for any individual. The memory of first car purchase stays bright in any person’s mind throughout the life. Quite an effort towards keeping the car fit and healthy is given by every car owner and quite rightly so. When someone owns a car the […]

How To Keep Your Car In Good Condition For Longer


We all want to keep our cars on the road and in perfect condition for as long as possible. Some people manage to achieve that; others don’t. It all comes down to your knowledge and approach. You’re going to find some basic tips here today that should help to extend the life of any modern […]

Don’t Let The Elements Damage Your Car! Here’s How To Protect It


Let’s set the scene. You’ve got a nice car that’s in an immaculate condition. There’s not a scratch, dent or blemish in sight! The alloy wheels are mint, and it looks like you’ve just driven a brand new car out of the dealer’s showroom! Fast-forward a few years and things aren’t so rosy for your […]