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Tuning up drift cars


If drifting is something you are in love with, then this piece will expose you to drift tuning. Because not even the very best of sport cars is designed with drifting capability, chances are that you might be having difficulties keeping the car sideways. Car manufacturers and tuning companies therefore tune their sport cars in […]

Video- Impressive Drifting from Monticello Motor Club

The Monticello Motor Club has a “beautiful” collection with powerful cars and in this video they want to present amazing drifting scenes for car lovers. Driftul, acum mai spectaculos ca niciodata! Filmele din 4TuningTV doar pe I want to ask you what do you think about it and if you love driftings?

Amazing Rally Drift

I know that if you have a car and you are a good driver you’ve tried to do a drift, especially on snow. But not all the time you can do a great job. I’ve tried sometimes to drift with my small car, but it isn’t that easy, so I prefer to watch specialists doing […]