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Want to Be a Better Driver? Here’s How


Image source Every time you drive your car, you are operating what is potentially a very dangerous piece of equipment. Whether you’ve been driving for years or you’ve just got your license, it is then very important that you do all you can to stay safe on the road and improve your driving technique. By […]

Why Bare-Bones Auto Insurance is a Sham

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As you probably know from experience, auto insurance can be incredibly expensive. Some people spend as much as a few hundred dollars every month on auto insurance for just one car. This translates to a few thousand dollars a month for auto insurance. In hopes of saving money, many drivers opt to just pay for bare-bones […]

Clean Cars, Clean Driving Records


It may sound a little new-age to say, but having a clean environment can really help you think clearer and make better decisions. It also helps when your phone isn’t dropping onto your foot or your hot coffee isn’t spilling all over your hands and lap. If you’re having a hard time keeping your car […]

Hilarious Traffic Court FAILS


Anyone who’s watched an episode of The People’s Court already knows that a staggering number of people are compelled to make absolute fools of themselves when standing before a judge. “But that’s TV,” you say. “No average human being would be so brazen in traffic court!” In a perfectly intelligent world, you’d be right. Unfortunately, this is the world […]