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220 bhp Autodelta GT JTS Super


Autodelta is proud to introduce its latest bespoke model, the 220 bhp Autodelta GT JTS Super, the first forced-induction version of the JTS-engined Alfa Romeo GT to arrive on the market worldwide. The Autodelta GT JTS Super was officially unveiled last week by Autodelta’s authorised Greek dealer, Auto Corse, at their national central operations HQ […]

ABT is presenting AS5 Cabrio

ABT, A5 convertible is redrawn and with more power. And do not forget to mention the new name – AS5 convertible. As summer is preparing to “strike”, ABT has taken as a convertible. A5 convertible, to be exact. For outside the car, German tuner prepared a new body kit consists of a new front grille, […]

Top 20 Convertibles

Convertibles throughout history have shocked the world with its sporty look, the impressive speed (or lack of) and overall aesthetic appeal. From the first to the last offerings of well known brands, it would be hard to pick one so let’s just settle for 20 of the most beautiful and shocking convertibles to grace the […]