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The Responsibilities Of Owning A Car

Image If you are buying your own car for the first time, it’s often very easy to get caught up in all the bright and shiny lights and buy impulsively, or get persuaded into buying something that you didn’t necessarily need. So that’s why it’s very important that you remain on the ball at all […]

Is Driving a Classic Car Worth it For You?

Classic cars have an endless appeal among many drivers, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re elegant and carry a prestige that you simply can’t find anywhere else as a driver. But is driving a classic car really for you? It’s something that you will have to give plenty of thought to because it’s […]

Ever Wanted To Set Up A Racing Team? This Guide Shows You How!


As you’re reading this blog post, I will assume you have more than a passing interest in car racing. In fact, you will doubtless have a strong passion for the sport! Motor racing is something that millions of people enjoy participating in each year. It’s a pastime enjoyed by many since the world’s first automobiles […]

Restoring Your Classic Car


When people are committed to restoring their classic cars, they must have all the right tools and parts for their vehicles. American muscle car restoration is a hard job to do, but many people take great joy in learning to handle their beautiful old cars. There are many classics out there that can be restored […]

BMW Surprise with 328 Hommage

The Bavarian Motor Works have once again put automobile enthusiasts and audience for another surprise. This week at Concorso Classic car show, the auto maker brand planned to celebrate its 75TH years of journey by unveiling the classic tempered BMW 328 Hommage. The look of the new breed greatly stands for the ever changing dynamism […]