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Jeff Breault – Top 3 Car Races n the World


Jeff Breault and myself are like two peas in a pod, both huge race car lovers and both big fans of country music, albeit if our favorite artists do differ wildly. In fact even Jeff and I have a similar history of racing go karts and cars in our youth, sail neither of us ever made […]

Why You Should Protect Your Rights with A DUI Attorney


Over speeding or driving under the influence of drugs may lead to numerous consequences to the driver. Apart from putting yourself to risk, you may face huge penalties that will get behind bars. Do you understand your rights an individual who has been pulled over due to a traffic violation? With extensive knowledge, the process […]

Give Your Car That DIY Showroom Shine


Would you like to improve the look of your car and make it shine like those brand new models in the showroom? Then you just need to take the step-by-step guide from this article and put it into practice. Giving your vehicle a DIY showroom shine is not as complicated as most people imagine, and […]

What Do Pavement Accidents Mean For Drivers?


In October of last year, a Toyota Prius mounted the pavement outside the Natural History Museum and seriously injured 11 people, nine of which required hospitalisation. Last week, a black Audi killed three young London pedestrians on impact. And, this weekend, a similar incident in Aberdeen saw two elderly pedestrians in a serious condition. Picture […]

Seek Protection In 2018

Ensuring you are safe this year means you will be able to enjoy a more robust peace of mind (image: The world is a scary place. Recent terrorist attacks have made national security crumble in many countries around the globe, and cyber attacks are also increasingly posing a problem to the cyber safety of […]

The Faux Pas Of A First-Time Driver

  Image Source: Every driver has to start somewhere, and it’s fair to say that all motorists make a few mistakes in their early experiences of the road. In many ways, this is simply part and parcel of the learning curve. Then again, some faux pas should be avoided, especially as the technology and information […]

Cycle Vs Motorcycle: Which Is The Best For You?

For so many of us speed freaks, there is little doubt in your mind which is better. After all, owning a motorcycle means you can get to places quickly and with a bit more style. But think about it, is one safer than the other? And not just when it comes to style, but which […]

Hit the Road and See More of Victoria

Victoria – the capital of British Columbia – is a lovely destination located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. People from all over the world gravitate to the city due to its beautiful landscape, temperate climate, and interesting cultural points of interest. It’s easy to see why travellers are taken in by the city. […]

Infographic: What does your car say about you?


I love one car brand, you love another brand… it is normal to have different preferences. Motorparks has looked at research, and created an infographic showing what your choice of car really does say about you.  

The Cars in Jay Leno’s Garage

Have you ever wondered what a rich person does with his or her money? Some prefer to spend it on travels, others on houses. And then there are those who fill their garage with vintage and cool cars. Like Jay Leno, the TV star who allowed people to take a sneak-peak into his garage and […]

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 – What to Expect?

Everyone knows that when it comes to cars you have to think far ahead. The Frankfurt Motor Show hasn’t even started yet and representatives are already thinking at the next surprise car models that will mesmerize the audience. What’s to expect from this year’s show? Take a look below! Dates and Tickets

AeroMobil: The Future is Here

There was a time when people moved from one place to the other using horses. And before that they used bicycles. And before that they walked. Can you imagine a world where it took days or weeks to end a journey that nowadays takes just a few hours? If you don’t believe that, then you’re […]