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Why Breaking Up With Your Car Is Hard To Do

To some people, a car is just a means of transport. It is a material object, made of metal, plastic and rubber. Those people don’t see their cars as anything more than mechanical and have no issue with selling them when the need arises.

Of course, not everyone has the same views on their cars. As many as 72% of all car owners have an emotional attachment to their vehicles. A lot of them will even give their cars names, and talk to them as if they were people!

As the years progress, the bond between car and owner grows. When something happens to the car, its owner will feel sad and upset. Many will do whatever it takes to make their cars “feel” better again, even if it makes no financial sense.


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When the time comes to sell or scrap their cars, owners find “breaking up” with their cars hard to do. The emotional attachment with their cars makes it feel as painful as ending a relationship with another person. It can even feel like a loved one has just passed away!

I must admit; I might be one of those 72% of people that treat their cars more like people. I feel a sense of guilt whenever I have to say goodbye to a “faithful” old car. But I cheer myself up with the fact that I’ll be behind the wheel of a new car soon.

In today’s blog post, I explore some of the reasons why breaking up with a car is hard to do. And if you’re one of those people that can’t let go, I give you some reasons why it’s for the best.

Cars are like people’s best friends

It’s no secret that we all spend a lot of our lives in our cars. We use our cars to go shopping, and we commute to work in them. We also take our cars for road trips within the UK and beyond.

Cars are a bit like people’s homes in some way. They offer us solace and refuge from the world around us. And, in some cases, they help us to safety. Is your wife going into labour? You can count on your old buddy to get you both to the hospital as fast and safe as possible.

Have you forgotten to buy Christmas presents and are now panicking because it’s the 24th December? No problem, your car will transport you to the shopping mall and bring you home again with your cargo of presents.

But what happens if you reach a low point in your life? Some folks find solace by having conversations with their cars when they drive. I know that the car won’t talk back to you – unless you’re driving KITT, of course!

Being able to get certain troubles or thoughts out in the open is good for people. Some folks will do that by talking to other people. Others prefer to talk to their cars.

People associate memories with cars

It’s not a bad thing that people associate certain memories with their cars. After all, they are a big part of a person’s life, just like with other people and pets, for example.

I always remember the cars that I had owned and driven when significant events happened in my life. I remember the car that I owned when my wife and I went out on our first date. It was a Vauxhall Calibra V6. She remembers it because of its “curious” electrical problems and throaty induction note.

Going back further in time, I also remember my first car. It was a rather tired-looking mk1 Volkswagen Golf in silver. I think it had driven around the universe twice. The bodywork and its mechanical condition did not seem to suggest otherwise.

I can guarantee that you will associate certain memories from your own life with certain cars!

Letting go of a car is hard for many owners

There comes a time in a person’s life when they have to say goodbye to their faithful friends. As I might have mentioned earlier, it’s akin to breaking up with someone.

I remember reading an article about this subject in a car magazine at the Sandles car supermarket showroom once.


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The article stated that 65% feel they have to go on a long road trip in their cars before saying goodbye to them. And 57% of people surveyed found it hard to let go because of the fond memories they’ve had with their cars.

But one has to be practical about things as well when owning a car. The non-emotional side of a person has to consider things like ongoing maintenance. As cars age, they develop age-related problems like worn parts.

Most people don’t own cars that are more than ten to fifteen years old for that specific reason. Another thing that people must consider is their own lifestyle. That sexy coupe you’ve owned since you were an eligible bachelor isn’t useful when you’ve got a young family in tow!

And it’s no secret that car tax isn’t cheap these days. Cars built after March 2001 get taxed according to their emissions rather than engine size. If you own a gas-guzzler, such as a V8 Range Rover, car tax will cost a small fortune each year. Lest we forget that the cost of car tax rises almost every year!

Why it makes sense to move on

Are you one of those poor souls that find it hard to move on from your current car? Here are some reasons why it makes sense to say goodbye:

  • Car makers include the latest safety technology with each new model they bring to market. Side airbags and stability control are just some of the things standard in today’s cars. If you’ve got an old car, it’s likely your car won’t have such safety features;
  • Let’s face it; people will always get attracted to the styling of newer models;
  • Your motoring expenses will decrease a lot when you trade up for a newer car.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s article. See you soon!


5 Signs That Will Make You Realize That You Need a Car Repair Expert

Cars have become an important aspect of our life. They have indeed become an essential mode of transportation. With the help of cars, one can reach anywhere, in a short period of time. But, one fine day, when you have to reach somewhere quite urgent, you take the car keys from your pocket and unlock the car, then when you rotate the key, your car does not start! You definitely don’t want this to happen to you.


Hence here we are going to talk about the five signs, which will portray that your car is definitely going to need a car repair.  

1. Cars That Are More than 10 years old

On a general note, the world of the automobile has always seen amazing development. This development has led to various system integration, which are not only complex, but they are hard to maintain without prior care. This care can be denoted for various functionalities like checking the battery of the car, changing the bake oil, pads and even other components that need proper amounts of maintenance. Moreover, just like any other thing in this world, the parts and the functions of cars do wither with time, hence when the age of your car increases; it needs good service and proper maintenance for working smoothly.

2. When you find something is wrong with your Car

Often it is found that several people experience minor inconvenience while driving, and many of them ignore it. But, this is typically not the right thing to do. As, these inconveniences can be the indications that your car needs repair. Therefore, instead of ignoring these signs the car owners should take a wise decision by taking help from a car repair outlet, because with continuous ignorance you are only increasing the chances of damaging your car.

3. The Complex Mechanisms of the Car

So it’s time that your car suddenly stopped working and keeping the urgency in mind, you decide that you are going to repair your car all by yourself, but that’s never going to be easy. This happens because every car has its own set of functionality; hence this means that a repairing technique used to repair one model of car may not work with the other brand of car, depending upon the complexities. Here, a car repair is the only destination that comes to your rescue, as they have the competent professionals who are the experts in their job, and can handle any type of mechanism of your car.

4. You don’t have The Huge tools

Every car repair job is not about spare tire and jack; rather, it’s much more than that. Hence, when your car is struggling with any type of engine problem, then the dynamics and the functions of the car are ought to be checked, and for doing this one should always have the appropriate tools. For instance, when the silencer of your car needs to be changed, then your car should be lifted high in air, and then the work can be carried on, moreover, when the car is in the air, then several other parts even hold the risk of displacement. But how will you manage that? This can only be done when you arrive at a profound automobile service station.

5. When you are not 100% Confident about the Repair

Finally, you have somehow managed to bring your car in running condition, but does this mean that you don’t need a repair anymore. Definitely not! Until and unless you are confident about the repair that you have done, you should always visit the nearest car repair service station so that they can help you with the best.  As the service station will;

  • Check the functioning of the car thoroughly to ensure with the problem lingers or not.
  • Understand the cause of the problem.
  • And finally fix it up so that the problem does not trigger again.

These, were the five important signs which indicate that you are going to need a repairer to repair your car. So, next time when you are going to face any type of problem with your car, keep these signs in mind so that you can give the best to your car. If you still want to know more then click here and get more information.


Buying and Obtaining Autos from Car Dealerships

Car dealerships use varied methods as being a way to entice new almost certainly clients. 1 illustration is dealers could make certain promoting and advertising and marketing and marketing and advertising campaigns inside occupied obtaining malls. Salespeople by way of the dealership can stand in front inside the mall entrance and provide you purchasers the probability to consider a examine drive. Every single and every single guy or female that indications up for practically any verify out drive could obtain a existing card or certificate to obtain a distinct amount. This kind of giveaways can unquestionably appeal towards the curiosity in regards to the complete great deal of customers within a hectic mall.

Photo Source: ibtimes.com

Latest day car dealerships also use in essence possibly probably the most current digital technological innovation to have capable to enhance money flow. A dealership must possess a professional major quality World Wide Web webpage that could appropriately existing just about each and every a single particular of really several autos that are listed for sale. An excellent superior good quality website will need to have a directory type and layout and fashion listing of just about each and every and every and each one amongst quite a couple of autos which are a portion of the entire new or employed stock. Dealers could also care for that stock with superior application that supplies information about all requests to examine drive distinct vehicles. The truth is, globe broad World Wide Web websites permit guys and ladies to provide reservations across the new car that’s listed for sale or lease. This sort of people normally have a entire great deal of days to could be located in to the dealership, contemplate a confirm drive and hopefully signal the correct paperwork and drive away home within the completely new car.

As remaining a system to boost money movement, car dealers must make specified supplies this kind of as for the duration of holidays or distinct occasions. As an illustration, a constrained time give in the direction of the duration within the holiday can integrate a deal that eliminates any down payments about the car that’s leased or obtained. Similarly, the key month’s payment could also be eradicated for distinctive restricted time gives. Mill Volvo car dealers are examples of firms that frequently supply specific delivers on fresh autos.

Car dealerships could also throw in some one of the sort alternatives and giveaways on all new autos which could probably be presented or leased. As an example, purchasers could get a lifetime of entirely cost-free of charge of charge oil alterations concerning the help retailer that’s located concerning the precise actually very exact same grounds around the dealership. In addition, loyal purchasers can earn rewards things for genuinely achievable throughout the firms retail outlet for other triggers furthermore to oil improvements. The variables may be redeemed on repairs or present cards to well-liked acquiring outlets.

Social media plays an incredibly critical area within the advertising and advertising and marketing and marketing and advertising and advertising and advertising and marketing and selling campaign of a car dealership. Dealers will have to appeal to attainable buyers by means of social media and network web world wide web sites that might include video clips and photographs in the most recent car versions which may nicely rather appropriately be for sale.